Network Marketing's best kept secret
If you struggle fitting your business into your busy schedule and you're looking for an easy way to gain some consistent action in your business, then this week's blog is perfect for you... Read more

The 10-Day Burst

Richard Bliss Brooke Blog Post
Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, over 250 years ago, the idea of a career has been to work (at least) 40 hours a week for 40 years for 40% of what was never enough for the first 40 years. Read more

The 40/40/40 Plan

The following are what can be called “cultural paradigms,” meaning they are the hidden rules of society. Sometimes they are in our faces, placed there by our parents or other authority figures. Other times they are just the rules of the road … not so bold, but always there. Read more

The Four Great Lies of Success

Your house payment may come due every month for 30 years. Your car payments every month for 5–7 years (and then they start all over again). Your college savings or tuition payment plan … every month for 10–20 years. And all those other little bills … every month for like, forever. If you don't sleep at home for a week, do you still have to make the payment? If you don't drive your car for a few days, do you still have to pay for it? Yes, you do. Read more

Do You Have Residual Income?

The Power of Pace
Launching a Network Marketing sales group is much like pushing a car over a very slight hill. Imagine that you ran out of gas as you were driving up a hill. At the top of the hill the road becomes flat for some period of time and then slightly descends to the bottom of the hill where there is a gas station. Read more

The Power of Pace

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