what does it mean to be an authentic networker
For 70 years hundreds of millions of people around the world have been lied to, manipulated, hyped, pressured, and even shamed into joining a Network Marketing company. This has created resentment, distrust, confusion and skepticism towards our profession. The time has come for us to look in the mirror and take responsibility. It starts… Read more

What Does it Mean to be an Authentic Networker?

3 ideas to increase productivity blog post
Productivity … think about it like a camera that needs to be focused, manually. It should be aimed at the things that you are best at. It should be focused on actions with the highest value. It should always capture your ‘Single Daily Action.’ The rest of the scene in front of… Read more

3 Ideas to Increase Productivity

the heart of a champion blog post
Who’s your champion? Some of you may have heard the term “Accountability Partner.” This is a term that describes someone who holds you accountable for certain actions. This could be business related, fitness related, relationship related, etc. The problem with this term is no one likes to be held accountable. That’s why… Read more

The Heart of a Champion

bliss business encouragement
Our world is replete with freedom. Most of us did not fight for it … this world of possibilities paid for by people like our ancestors and yesterday’s/today’s patriots. Some of these people were presidents. Some of them were leaders rallying for the greater good. As Network Marketers, the quotes… Read more


3 qualities of a champion
By the title, you probably think I’m going to talk about what we need to do to be a champion. But what I’m actually going to talk about is finding a person you’re going to want to have on your team that champions you. What do I mean by “champions… Read more

3 Qualities of a Champion

bliss business over the top blog post
Long-term asset income depends on the value of your product. What will it take to add more value to your product than the ticket price says it is worth? The answer is Customer service. As I make my way through multiple stories of the Turkish Airline’s first class lounge, a few things… Read more

Over The Top

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