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Our world is replete with freedom. Most of us did not fight for it … this world of possibilities paid for by people like our ancestors and yesterday’s/today’s patriots. Some of these people were presidents. Some of them were leaders rallying for the greater good. As Network Marketers, the quotes… Read more


3 qualities of a champion
By the title, you probably think I’m going to talk about what we need to do to be a champion. But what I’m actually going to talk about is finding a person you’re going to want to have on your team that champions you. What do I mean by “champions… Read more

3 Qualities of a Champion

bliss business over the top blog post
Long-term asset income depends on the value of your product. What will it take to add more value to your product than the ticket price says it is worth? The answer is Customer service. As I make my way through multiple stories of the Turkish Airline’s first class lounge, a few things… Read more

Over The Top

3 simple steps to increase your sales and enrollment
Thought of the day: Your Network is your Net Worth. Appreciate those assets with three, simple steps. Schedule – like your vision depends on it (because it does!) Create simple, key performance indicators (KPI’s) Measure in order to manage with my stat tracker:   << STAT TRACKER >>   Then… Read more

3 Simple Steps to Increase Your Sales & Enrollments

history of four year career
A DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT “Today, people are longing for a return to a real, safe, relaxed time of freedom and soulful connection with others. People want to play together, pray together, get to really know each other, and most importantly, be known by others. “We want to improve ourselves, to have… Read more

The History of The Four Year Career®

3 ways to tell a credible story
How do you tell your story?  Your credibility is everything in word of mouth marketing. Believable and effective storytelling builds trust and makes the listener want to hear more. It’s commonplace today to lie, but that leads to distrust and misuse of relationship. To tell your story, lay a foundation of truth and then build… Read more

3 Ways To Tell A Credible Story

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