Who do you know in Real Estate that you would like to “serve?" Real estate is never going away … it is never going out of style or out of demand. It will never be rendered irrelevant. It is a fabulous career for quality of life, income and wealth building.  Read more

Crushing a Career in Real Estate

What If You Could Feel On Fire Every Day In Every Way? You Can! Feeling Joy, Peace and Confidence can be by accident or it can be on purpose. There are ways to design YOU so you actually feel this way whenever you want, about whatever you want. 3% of us… Read more

Mastering Self-Motivation

Do you know what your default listening is? Many people think that when they’re communicating with others that they’re listening when in reality they aren’t. In this week’s video blog I discuss the Art of Therapeutic Listening …   I Believe In You! Richard   P.S. Did you know that… Read more

The Art of Therapeutic Listening

The only thing I’ve done to honor our country and the freedom it provides me and my family is to pay taxes. I have never served, not in the military nor as a volunteer here or abroad. My sacrifice has been nothing more than a percentage of the opportunities this… Read more

Freedom Isn’t Free

There’s a theory in personal empowerment that I’ve learned which says “every one of us has a gift that we bring to the world.” Whatever we are pursuing in life, if we can understand and accept what our gifts are and incorporate those into our daily strategies then achieving our desired goals and… Read more

What is Your Gift?

Coaching is one of the most important skills we can have in leadership.

All of us, in a position of leading other people, are coaches.

In today's video blog I'm going to talk about 4 different coaching conversations, and how you can lift people up around you and get people into action.

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4 Exciting Coaching Conversations

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