Do You Have Residual Income?

Do You Have Residual Income?

Your house payment may come due every month for 30 years. Your car payments every month for 5–7 years (and then they start all over again). Your college savings or tuition payment plan … every month for 10–20 years. And all those other little bills … every month for like, forever.

If you don’t sleep at home for a week, do you still have to make the payment? If you don’t drive your car for a few days, do you still have to pay for it? Yes, you do.

Most of us are paying these “residual bills” with Grinder Income. We grind through the commute and grind through the piles of work. And what happens to our income if we get sick, get fired, or just get plain burned out? Right. Our income comes to a grinding halt.

Residual income comes in every month. It may be rent, but not rent we pay — rent others pay us. It may be a debt payment, but not one we pay — one people pay us. Residual income comes from assets like real estate, cash we invest/loan, or something we create, like a book, movie or hit song.

Written any hit songs lately?
Got any movies in your future?
Own a bunch of rental real estate?
How about an investment or hard money portfolio? 

Didn’t think so.

Network Marketing was MADE for residual income … it is in our DNA. It is simple math called “compounding.”

Einstein called compounding “the eighth wonder of the world.” Compounding happens in Network Marketing because of the rule that everyone can build a team. Everyone. From day one. (It’s kind of like breeding rabbits.)

This creates at least the possibility that you can create dozens, hundreds, and maybe even thousands of other people using and recommending your products. By doing so, you spread your income out over all of those “income centers.”

When your income comes from 200 different sources, it stabilizes … and becomes residual. And when you have that many people striving to create their own residual incomes, the odds are that some of them are more ambitious, more talented, more connected, and more passionate than you are. They rise up and build an even bigger business than you did … except oops, their business is also your business!

Such an income is an ASSET … 200 times more valuable than the monthly income. You earn $5,000 a month and you build an asset worth $1 million. Where else can you do that in 4–5 years on a $500 investment?

Nowhere else.

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  1. This is excellent! Never thought of the bills as residual! So true!

  2. Residual income is much more than money. It’s options, stress relief, peace of mind, better health. The money’s good too, and it does buy all of these. 🙂

  3. I had not thought about residual income in that way. It not only allows one to care for themselves during their entire lifetime but it provides a way for handicapped or needy family members to be taken care of. That is a tremendous relief of stress.

  4. Many people think of that extra stream of income in large sums of money. As a young home maker i longed for just a few extra dollars to pay for someone to help me once in a while with my house work. I longed to have enough money to get a baby sitter for a few extra hours away from home. I hated having to check the budget to see if i could save enough money to have my hair cut. Now i not only have luxury retirement but money enough to slip money to our children or Grand Children just because i want too. Without extra money you just make due. With money you build dreams. May you enjoy the reality of you DREAMS. Hugs… PS The last time i checked $300.00 made the difference in bankruptcy or not in Tucson AZ.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment. Reading this article and your comment are reviving me!

  5. Residual Income is like residual time. It is a way to multiply yourself. This article is simple but very eye opener to see a reality and other options.

  6. I’m talking about dreams, for the first time I can dare to dream at my dreams my just come a reality. I’m just beginning this journey, but the prospects are grand, and for the first time I am not scared about what will happen to myself and my husband in our retirement years. As well as, like somebody mentioned above, helping our children and grandchildren

  7. “You earn $5,000 a month and you build an asset worth $1 million.“. THIS! Something people overlook. Let’s create more millionaires 😀🙏

  8. We were blessed to find a business 8 years ago that pays us residual income from electricity and natural gas bills. Before this was shown to us I had never considered or even though about making mo es that way. Today my wife and are are no longer working for someone because our residual pays for every major expense in our life. Oddly people still have a hard time believing you can make money that’s not tied to a time card.

  9. This is so clearly put! I will be sharing with family/friends that I have not been able to explain the “why” I spend extra hours after my work grind each week sharing and building my long term residual!

  10. Any financial instrument producing a $500 per month residual income, in today’s low interest, secured principle, bank CD environment is a $400K asset. Try saving that much in 4 short years. Not likely for most people.

  11. I always wanted to work for myself. This business is so much better than being self employed!

  12. Genius!!! I’m going to have to weave in this idea that we have residual bills and seem to consider that the norm, but balk at the idea of building a residual income. Thank you Richard, you seem to always intuitively know what I need and almost deliver on demand! Lol.

  13. Never looked at bills or a car payment like that. I love how you break Residual Income down in simple terms that everyone can understand!
    I was gifted your 4 year career book 3 years ago but was never ready to read it. No better time than the present since I am so over the “ Grinder Income”

  14. Yes this is so true… I have been working on getting out of my way to that I can (and will) build my business to have the Residual Income. Because the rent is due every month and with my diligence and persistence I will create my Residual Income for life. Make money while I sleep. HUGS! Thanks for that you BOTH DO!!

  15. Grateful to have residual income while hurricane Florence stalls some scheduled activities in Wilmington NC, weather can’t always be overcome but when the check still comes, month after month and year after year what a blessing. Our vision is to help more folks “get it” pays the residual bills and more!

  16. You have Residual bills—You need Residual income. It makes sense! Thanks for the reminder Richard.

  17. Loved this It awakened up a new field of thought. We know this, but the manner in which it is presented wakes you up. WOW, Wow, Wow

  18. You say this so well! It is like a dream come true! Who would have thought that in my retirement I could earn enough for us to share more and do more of what we want. Now the key is to help others understand this concept!!!

  19. I wish I had known way back, because finding this company was the day that changed my life. Having that extra income each month plus helping others change their lives is extremely rewarding.

  20. This is nothing short of fantastic! Puts many things into perspective!

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