Financial Security Worksheet

It doesn't matter if you're 25 or 45, it might surprise you to learn just how much you must save and invest, starting now, to ensure that you can retire when and how you choose.

Value Based Selling and Recruiting

Are you up to speed with value-based selling and recruiting? Are you an enroller or a recruiter? Do you influence people with integrity based on what is important to them, or based on what is important to you?


Listening is the key to good communication. Take this quiz to find out if you are a good listener.

Are You Likely To Succeed In Network Marketing?

Decades of experience recruiting, coaching and training literally hundreds of thousands of distributors has led to a profile of who is likely to achieve their goals through an Network Marketing opportunity and who is not. Answer these simple questions and see for yourself how you score.

State of Motivation

Are you motivated to accomplish what you really want in life? Do you harness your personal power to get things done? Take this quiz to calculate your “state of motivation.”
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