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Richard Bliss Brooke has been a full-time Network Marketing sales leader over 40 years.

He now resides between his homes in Hawaii and California but is constantly traveling to train, educate & coach people from all over the world.


"I just read your Mach2 book, and it is a masterpiece ... head and shoulders above the rest of the motivation books I have read."
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Harvey Mackay
Author of the bestselling books "Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive" and "The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World"
"Richard Brooke's information on Vision and Self-Motivation is some of the best you will find anywhere."
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Bob Proctor
Author of “You Were Born Rich”
"Many students of success write about it, second-hand. Richard Brooke, a master mentor, writes about success as he has experienced it. There is a life-altering gem of wisdom on every page. Read, internalize and positive change will materialize."
Denis Waitley
Author, The Psychology of Winning
"Richard Brooke’s Mach2 is a fast-moving, entertaining book full of fast, funny, helpful ideas on success and achievement."
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Brian Tracey
Author, "Goals!"
"Effective, powerful, insightful, authentic, honest, compelling, convincing, and motivating are just a few of the adjectives that describe The Four Year Career®. Richard and Kimmy's books are a 'gift' with a message of hope, belief, and inspiration, that encourage and elevate others beyond what they ever thought possible."
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Rita Davenport
CSP, CPAE, Retired President
"I love Mach2 With Your Hair On Fire. I could tell when I read the book that Richard has a passion for changing people’s lives. I respect Richard and his work and thank him for who he is and the difference and impact he’s making in people’s lives and businesses."
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Les Brown
Author of the bestselling book "Live Your Dreams"
"I found a copy of Mach2 at a friend’s house. I read and loved it. So much of what the great athletes do to accomplish the impossible is done through visualization. Richard captures exactly how it works, why it works, and how anyone can use it to do great things in their lives. Richard has a unique way of telling the story so we all really get it!"
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John Elway
Super Bowl MVP & NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Executive Vice President and General Manager – Denver Broncos


The Four Year Career®

How to Make Your Dreams of Fun & Freedom Come True ... or Not

The #1 book for Network Marketers. Builds belief, debunks the myths, and helps prospects “get it.” Generic for all companies!

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ALL NEW Mach2 With Your Hair On Fire

How to Master Self-Motivation & Stay on Fire for Life

Break through to the new you and uncover the secret to success. This bestselling personal development book will be your guide.

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ALL NEW MACH2 Vision Training

Are you ready for Richard to teach you his techniques and strategies so you can create your own life-changing VISION that helps you rank advance, cross stage, and earn the income you’ve always desired in your business?

MLM Mindset Course

Learn from 40-year Network Marketing legend Richard Bliss Brooke as he teaches you the paradigm shifts, strategies and techniques you and your team MUST embrace to have your breakthrough and finally create financial freedom, fun and fulfillment.

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