The 40/40/40 Plan

The 40/40/40 Plan


Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, over 250 years ago, the idea of a career has been to work (at least) 40 hours a week for 40 years for 40% of what was never enough for the first 40 years.

The 40/40/40 Plan

The mandated path for most of us has been:

  1. Get a good education … a four-year degree is your ticket.
  2. Get a good job with a big company … with lots of benefits.
  3. Work for 40 years to retire and enjoy the golden years.

Things have changed a lot since then. Your company is more likely to file bankruptcy to avoid paying your retirement than it is to honor it.

Even states, counties, and cities are starting to face the fact that they overpromised and can’t deliver, and are filing bankruptcy to ditch their retirement and health care obligations. And even if the retirement is there … even a 401k … there is rarely enough income from this model to have a grand ol’ time in your golden years.

And what about that four-year degree? Most young adults following the college model do end up well trained to get a job but are also well saddled with debt. This debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, it can rarely be renegotiated, and most people are ill-afforded to pay it off. Since most people in their 30s and 40s are not even working in the careers they majored in, the debt they are carrying is a depressing load.

Note: I am not advocating against education or a job. I believe both are immensely valuable and rewarding. I am advocating against believing that just because you have both, you will live the life you really want … like you are on autopilot for the success you imagine.

The cheese has been moved. There is a piece of it over in Network Marketing.


P.S. Comment below and let me know what your thoughts are on the 40/40/40 plan.

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  1. I see, and are living it..

  2. This is a fabulous, quick to read, easy to stun, and hopefully easy to realize and do something about it, article. Thank you!!! I’ve shared it with everyone and will continue to.

  3. As always, wisdom on steroids – THANK YOU Richard!

  4. I love it. I prefer to teach the personal economics concepts in relation to earning multiple streams of income.
    I teach “Money & Time How we do it” The concept virtually demands an immediate decision from the prospect. The 4 types of personal economics.
    1.Money, but not the time freedom they authentically desire.
    2.Time, but no income to enjoy it. (Most retired folks)
    3. No money, no time ( two or three jobs just to make ends meet)
    4. Time and financial freedom. So here’s the key questions for the prospect. ARE 1,2, OR 3 ACCEPTABLE? NO! Then TO WHAT EXTENT are you willing to transition to #4? This conversation shocks people.

  5. I’m in the middle of the 40/40/40 plan and was awakened to the fact it will not sustain my desired lifestyle after working 40 years! I am grateful to the folks that helped me realize the cheese was moved! Thanks for sharing this blog Richard!

  6. Thanks Richard! I’ve been following you for about 3yrs now and very much appreciate your straight forward and honest approach to network marketing.

  7. Love reading your info ! Thank you for sharing and I will share !!

  8. Thank you for always simplifying Network Marketing for us newbies! We are so blessed to have mentors like you and your colleagues out coaching and educating with authentic pride for the industry!

  9. I can’t wait to see you in Toronto this month. LOVE your straight forward and to the point approach. Keep sharing Richard, so may people are benefiting. Thank you.

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