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The United Invitational

United We Stand … Divided We Fall

I asked one overzealous leader (trying to recruit every other MLMer into his company) once what he thought would happen if everyone in every other company joined him in his. After all, that is what he seemed to be wanting. “My company is the best. My comp plan is the best. My…
Women in MLM Winning Strategy

Culture is Queen

How is culture connected to our wealth in Network Marketing? What is culture?How do we define it?What does it do?Why is it important? Culture is one of those words like integrity that everyone loves to toss around, but not many can define it. I define culture as a set of rules by which we agree to play the game. The…
3 tips to change your MLM business

3 Tips to Change Your Trajectory

A trajectory is a path in life a person chooses. Sometimes we haven’t made the best choices and it’s time to change our direction. Today I’m going to discuss 3 things you can start doing right now to change the trajectory of your life. These are just a few things for…
be the hero

Find Out The Key To Becoming A Network Marketing Hero

Every hero starts with a belief that they can do it. This belief is everything – it is the pivotal difference maker in whether or not your own vision of what you want to accomplish gets green lights. If the conversation you have with yourself is that you can do it, it is inevitable then that you WILL do it. It’s worth repeating … belief is everything.

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