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Keeping People Involved

Help your distributors remember their “why” and stay motivated. Many distributors find that recruiting is only half the battle in growing their organizations. Keeping people active and motivated can be another struggle.  Here’s some simple advice to keep your people not only involved, but ON FIRE! Here’s the picture you’re describing: Someone gets involved  ……

Fools Rush In

And the Fools Rush in when they could be Crushing it….Forever. Just because you have earned a lot of money does not mean people should admire you. Just because you have built a team does not mean people should follow you. and, just because you can promote and recruit does…
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The Most Powerful Network Marketing Tip in Existence Part I

  I’m in Las Vegas, and today we’re going to talk about self-motivation and motivating other people. This is the most powerful network marketing tip in existence. I wanted to talk tonight about the concept of, you can’t motivate other people. Because I think that’s what you and I in…
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The Most Powerful Network Marketing Tip in Existence Part II

Let’s talk about the conversation before we get into the details of the most powerful network marketing tip in our profession. This is like a guided visualization, if you will. Just by asking the questions, you lead somebody to remember where they were when an event in their life happened.…

Falling In Love With The MLM Process

I want to talk about falling in love with the MLM process. Now what do I mean by that? Well you know the way most people pursue goals is focusing on the endgame. They focus on ultimately how much income they want to earn.     They focus on the car,…
Network Marketing's best kept secret

The 10-Day Burst

If you struggle fitting your business into your busy schedule and you're looking for an easy way to gain some consistent action in your business, then this week's blog is perfect for you...
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