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be the hero

Find Out The Key To Becoming A Network Marketing Hero

Every hero starts with a belief that they can do it. This belief is everything – it is the pivotal difference maker in whether or not your own vision of what you want to accomplish gets green lights. If the conversation you have with yourself is that you can do it, it is inevitable then that you WILL do it. It’s worth repeating … belief is everything.

Why Network Marketing and Why You?

Why Network Marketing and Why You

Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about why Network Marketing and why you. I want to lay down a critical message about Network Marketing. Why should the people in your life consider doing what you’re doing, and why should you consider what you’re doing? What do I mean…

Keeping People Involved

Help your distributors remember their “why” and stay motivated. Many distributors find that recruiting is only half the battle in growing their organizations. Keeping people active and motivated can be another struggle.  Here’s some simple advice to keep your people not only involved, but ON FIRE! Here’s the picture you’re describing: Someone gets involved  ……

Fools Rush In

And the Fools Rush in when they could be Crushing it….Forever. Just because you have earned a lot of money does not mean people should admire you. Just because you have built a team does not mean people should follow you. and, just because you can promote and recruit does…
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