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Why Network Marketing and Why You?

Why Network Marketing and Why You

Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about why Network Marketing and why you. I want to lay down a critical message about Network Marketing. Why should the people in your life consider doing what you’re doing, and why should you consider what you’re doing? What do I mean…

Unlock Your Spiritual Power

One of my favorite messages comes from author Oriah Mountain Dreamer. It’s called The Invitation, and it speaks to my heart and soul, as I expect it will yours. It unveils the richness of our spirits as human beings.  We spend so much time “doing” as humans, that often there is not…

Keeping People Involved

Help your distributors remember their “why” and stay motivated. Many distributors find that recruiting is only half the battle in growing their organizations. Keeping people active and motivated can be another struggle.  Here’s some simple advice to keep your people not only involved, but ON FIRE! Here’s the picture you’re describing: Someone gets involved  ……

The Truth About Believing

One of the biggest challenges I face in teaching people the Art of Self-Motivation is leading them to understand how you and I learn to believe. By the Mach2 definition, a Vision is not a Vision unless you have some belief that it is inevitable. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a wish, at worst, and a…

Being The Best You Can Be

Take a moment to imagine where our society would be if we (people and businesses) allowed ourselves to believe we have no need for improvement. If we settled for “good enough,” instead of reaching for excellence. If in the afterglow of great success, we adopted an attitude of “We’ve arrived!”…

You’ll See It When You Believe It

Think of a time when you really wanted something badly. When your need to have it or achieve it consumed your thoughts, yet your mind convinced you it was out of reach or unattainable. One of the greatest mysteries that surround the elusive nature of success, happiness, and peace of…
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