And the Fools Rush in when they could be Crushing it….Forever. Just because you have earned a lot of money does not mean people should admire you. Just because you have built a team does not mean people should follow you. and, just because you can promote and recruit does… Read more

Fools Rush In

best mlm tips
  I’m in Las Vegas, and today we’re going to talk about self-motivation and motivating other people. This is the most powerful network marketing tip in existence. I wanted to talk tonight about the concept of, you can’t motivate other people. Because I think that’s what you and I in… Read more

The Most Powerful Network Marketing Tip in Existence Part I

being grateful
American holidays make me sad Why? I suppose it is what we do with them – what our minds and egos and ambitions do with some of them. Somehow, as time has gone by, we as a society have morphed them into unrecognizable, self-absorbed excuses to do weird things. Not… Read more

Thanksgiving Gratitude

I want to talk about falling in love with the MLM process. Now what do I mean by that? Well you know the way most people pursue goals is focusing on the endgame. They focus on ultimately how much income they want to earn.     They focus on the car,… Read more

Falling In Love With The MLM Process

Yes, it is true that building a sales organization of on-fire volunteers is a challenge. However, it is being done, and in a powerful way. The biggest challenge is in erasing people’s negative beliefs and biases about the Network Marketing concept and replacing them with what those of us who have already done it know to be true. And, it’s coming. Read more

The Power of Personal Development

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