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The Science of Goal Setting

  • 39 minutes
  • Daily, weekly and/or monthly things you know you must do to make the progress required.
  • Update your course and speed every month to ensure you meet your deadline.

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  • 25 minutes
  • Assign an entrepreneurial value to each card.
  • 2's to 6's are Negative or No's.
  • 7's to 10's are Maybes ... time wasters for they give us a dose of hope.
  • Face cards are Positive ... they want to get involved, but they keep getting distracted.
  • Aces are READY ... they are on FIRE, ready to Rock'n'Roll.
  • 53 minutes
  • 2 Invites a Day
  • 3 Presentations a Week
  • 4 Enrollments a Month
  • 2 Years of Fanning the Fire