Chris Spurvey - Selling Entrepreneurship

Chris Spurvey - Selling Entrepreneurship

Think you’re too "non-salesy" to succeed? Discover a way to sell that feels RIGHT with the author of "It’s Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mindset."
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Chris Spurvey consciously chose entrepreneurship as a way to create a better life for his family. Yet there was one giant hurdle blocking his path to success: the negative way people view sales.

He knew this was a problem, not just for his own business, but for the businesses of virtually every other entrepreneur. (Can you relate??) So he found a way to sell that felt right and went on to focus on helping other “non-sales sellers” grow their revenues –consistently and without all the stress!

Chris published “It’s Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mindset,” founded Make Sales a Habit University, and today is a growth advisor to business owners and their management teams throughout the world.

What is the message you need to hear surrounding your business? How to break out of a sales slump? How to enact consistency in your efforts? Or maybe you want to discover some underutilized sales tactics that will help you grow, grow, grow? Whatever it is, you don’t want to miss this all-things-sales interview with Chris and Richard Brooke.


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