Kim Fiske - The Monster Under the Bed

Kim Fiske - The Monster Under the Bed

If you’re chasing your fears instead of your dreams, tune into "The Monster Under the Bed" author as she shares stories that will scare you, challenge you & INSPIRE you.
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Kim is the author of "The Monster Under the Bed." In this book Kim shares about what keeps all of us playing small, playing in circles, and chasing our fears instead of our dreams.

The profound thing about this book is Kim did not learn to master human psychology in the classroom or from reading books. She learned it from coaching thousands of people … and perhaps her toughest client of all was herself.

Her own personal journey of transformation is the bedrock of this book. Her stories will scare you, challenge you, and inspire you.

If you take you on and follow her lead, you too can start chasing and catching your dreams. I've had her on my Heroes Podcast before, but this time she's back as a Global influencer!


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