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Network Marketing

My good friend and mentor Tom Schreiter is famous for coaching this:“Every company has problems. Pick the one you want to have your problems with and marry them for life.”

In my last blog, we talked about homeless distributors and what’s left behind when you jump ship instead of sticking it out with your first company. If you missed it, you can read it right here:Jumping Ship … What You Really Leave Behind.

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The Heroes I am talking about here are those who take on their own demons …those voices in their heads that paint a compelling picture of the perils of breaking out of the past. Overcome the voices In your head ... while pursuing your dreams. Learn about the Heroes that drove me to SUCCESS in Network Marketing ... and how the heroes of The Four Year Career® collection can do the same for you.

This is a message aboutenrolling others, about your expectations for them and abouthow you position the opportunity in their mind and heart.What you have accomplished is ten times more believable than any video or brochure. Create it.Use it.