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Wishing You a Very Grateful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, what an awesome tradition. With so much to “complain” about in our world, it is refreshing to have a holiday that has the purity of purpose that Thanksgiving does.

We just give thanks and leave it at that. I love that Thanksgiving day has nothing to do with the madness of shopping, buying, gifting, and the bizarre positioning of making sure we buy a gift for everyone who might buy us one. (Do not buy me one.) I love that Thanksgiving is outside the ugliness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I love that at least the name infers it is a time for us to be grateful.

Normally I love that it is a time when family and friends gather for a beautiful day or two of connection, fun, and relaxation. And, of course, the best meals the best of us can muster. This year may be different for a lot of families, which is unfortunate.

2020 is one of those periods in our lives that we will never forget, like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy assassination. But, of course, we are numb to the death toll, just like we are numb to mass shootings. 250,000 deaths in 9 months, or the equivalent of a 9/11 every 2–3 days for the last 9 months, is now an accepted fate. As long as the death toll remains just statistics, we can tend to ignore it. Until it reaches our own doorsteps. Or our jobs place us at death’s doorsteps.

If you can, be grateful you are not a frontline health care professional. Be grateful that COVID is just a set of statistics still for your family. Be grateful that even though you may not like the outcome of our election, that we have elections vs. an oppressive dictatorship.

Remember that as screwed up as our country may be at times, people died today, and people die every day, just trying to get here. They die in faraway lands as they begin their improbable journeys, and they die in the last miles of desert as they risk everything to live here, legally or not.

And yet we live here. We can move freely from state to state. We can get a job or start a business. We can go to one of tens of thousands of emergency rooms and be (eventually) treated. We have a system of laws, courts and due process that, although not perfect, is better than the alternative. We have education opportunities. Geez, one can virtually get a free PhD in anything on YouTube.

I encourage all of you to make a list of the things for which you are grateful, and for whom you are grateful, and be present to it this week. It will change your mind, your mood and your manifestation.

"Complaining is a self-fulfilling prophecy.” – Richard Brooke 

Here is what I am thankful for:


  1. My wife, Kimmy 
  2. My health
  3. My family
  4. Marley
  5. My network of friends and colleagues
  6. My screwed-up country
  7. Lanai’ the Paradise
  8. Bliss Ranch the Roots
  9. My ability to practice my recreational passions
  10. My ability to practice my professional passions
  11. That somehow I landed on planet Earth

What is on your list?     



P.S. My blogs are, for me, a conversation. I rant for a bit and then … if so inspired, you respond. Your comments close the loop of conversation. They let me know I was heard. They let me know I contributed something … or not. I encourage you to close the loop … or open a new one and say something.

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