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Jenifer Furness - Yoli

When Jenifer Furness, an overworked occupational therapist, became intrigued about Network Marketing through a random Facebook post, she soon found a stranger at her house, sharing her story and showing her “cheesy videos.” But Jenifer wasn’t even watching the videos. She was just watching the woman sitting on her living room floor, smiling and HAPPY! Jenifer kept thinking, "Why am I not happy? Why is she so happy?”
This made her say yes to the business. 
Jenifer hit the rank of diamond in 6 months and built a team of nearly 2,500 in 4 years. How did she do it? On this call with Richard Brooke, Jenifer will share how to bring “happy” into your storytelling, how to take control of your calendar, how to help people catch a vision of hope, and tons of other great nuggets.

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