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Shauna Ekstrom & Scott Peterson - Isagenix

“Leapfrog” your way to success. As a former hairdresser, Shauna Ekstrom had been prospected a million times and began to think of networkers as “weird.” But when a good friend approached her with an opportunity, she trusted her enough to just take a look … and soon, began to build her Isagenix business.  
Momentum really took off when she met and fell in love with Dr. Scott Peterson, who considered himself a “glorified laborer” who was tied down to his dental practice. When they combined forces, they personally sponsored 179 people in a two-year timespan and have built a team into the thousands. On this Network Marketing call with Richard Brooke, don’t miss what this power couple has to say about the distinction between those who make it and those who don’t, finding the people who are hungry for personal development, and how to get into quick momentum. 

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