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Sonia Stringer - Business Academy for Women

Don't miss the month's Network Marketing Guru interview with Sonia Stringer. Sonia's a professional speaker, business coach, and mentor to over 550,000 Network Marketing professionals from around the world. A former National Sales Trainer with peak performance expert Tony Robbins, Sonia has been a sought after speaker, trainer, and business coach for Network Marketing professionals for over 20 years. She is best known for her "elegant approach" to business building, and her ability to help Network Marketing professionals sell more products and grow their teams (without being salesy). Sonia has personally coached over 2,500 6+ figure leaders (and thousands more associates) from most of the major Network Marketing companies and is a featured speaker at company conventions in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. In 2018, Sonia launched "The Business Academy for Women in Network Marketing," an online school that teaches women in Network Marketing how to elegantly grow their teams using Facebook and other social media tools. Richard Brooke's stellar interview with Sonia Stringer is a must-watch event.

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