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Ontological Coaching is a “Revealing Path to Authenticity”… your authenticity, which is your greatest personal source of power and freedom. It’s considered one of the most effective methodologies for transformation, both personal and organizational.

Even though you may know what you want in life, you may not know exactly how to get there. Similarly, you may not always know how to avoid what you don’t want. Sometimes, you may not even know what’s missing. Dealing with this blindness is the job of an Ontological Coach.

Let Richard be your Ontological Coach and experience his unique and powerful style of “leading one to their truth.” 

The art of Richard’s coaching is that it isn’t about advice, opinions, his own experiences or what the right or smart thing is to do. 

It’s about revealing your true path to help you live an authentic life using the dynamic relationship between the three spheres of human existence: language, emotions and physiology.



  • Address who you truly are
  • Reveal fresh perspectives
  • Gain increased confidence
  • Discover your limiting beliefs
  • Identify what’s driving your behavior
  • Consider your well-being on all levels
  • Enhance thinking and decision-making skills
  • Produce a permanent shift towards your transformation

"I was so intrigued by a random hero call where Richard interviewed a good friend. After listening to Richard's unique interview style, I realized that I needed to know more! I immediately read "The Four Year Career" and "Mach2" and decided I needed his wisdom of 38 years in our industry to help me broaden my horizons!

As a coaching client, vision workshop attendee, and having attended a Men's retreat with Richard, I can emphatically say that his work is 5 STAR and you owe it to yourself to experience it all!"

Dr. Ken Kochman

Wellness Coordinator with OPTAVIA™ for 11 years Las Vegas, Nevada

Donna Weiser Hennes

"I've been in Network Marketing for nearly 26 years and one of my favorite quotes is “school’s never out for the pro.” That’s the reason why I have always reached for support and coaching. I always look to my upline and sidelines for support! However, I find so much value when I meet a professional Network Marketing coach who has been in the field, grown a successful Network Marketing business, and understands what I need to be a better leader.

That's exactly why I reached out to Richard Brooke! Coaching and accountability is a MUST to be successful in our business, and having Richard guide me sharing his wisdom has been priceless! If anyone is considering jumping into this boot camp, I highly recommend that you do it! I promise you will receive excellent training, coaching, and support from Richard!"

Donna Weiser Hennes

Executive National Vice President, 26-Year Network Marketing Veteran, Ranked #21 highest income earners in the U.S. Woodland Hills, California

"Richard Brooke is one of the greatest mentors and coaches I've ever had in my life. He has an amazing ability to dig deep and profoundly impact both the immediate and the long term, and has been instrumental in both my personal and professional development."

Rich Razgaitis

CEO & Board Member with FloWater San Francisco Bay Area, California

Tyrell Kristina Roberts Young Living

"I have written my 5 Core Values, framed them and I am looking at them daily. I completed my vision board, and I am owning my Entire Story. Your coaching with us last year brought me to a place of knowing I had to change me to move forward as the person I know I am designed to be. Thank You!"

Tyrell Roberts

Young Living Roswell, New Mexico

Loren Robin

"After being inspired seeing Richard Brooke speak on stage at the Network Marketing Mastermind event and attend his Vision Workshop, I decided to engage in his one on one coaching. This was one of the best decisions of my Network Marketing career.

His powerful and unique coaching style combines, no BS, no judgment along with powerful strategies to grow my team.

Richard is heart centered, compassionate with just the right amount of tough love. He showed me how to have a stronger belief in myself, to be more authentic and vulnerable. This has resulted in both significant personal and professional breakthroughs, that have truly changed my life!

Thank you, Richard and Kimmy for your leadership and unwavering dedication to our profession!"

Loren Robin

Top 1% Earner with Jusuru, Speaker & Mentor Newport Beach, California

Coach with Richard

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