Falling In Love With The MLM Process

Falling In Love With The MLM Process

I want to talk about falling in love with the MLM process.

Now what do I mean by that?

Well you know the way most people pursue goals is focusing on the endgame. They focus on ultimately how much income they want to earn.

  •     They focus on the car,
  •     they focus on the house,
  •     they focus on the trip,
  •     they focus if you’re a network marketer on the rank.

Or if you’re a Realtor you focus on your ranking at the end of the year, how many homes you’re going to sell. And you know having vision is an important part of that; To vision the endgame, like what will it look like when we’re there?

And to create a vision of we are already there.

Another really secret weapon of creating vision is to create a vision around the process. Like what is the process that will get you there? What can you do every day in every way that will get you ultimately to your goal?

So for example, if your goal is to walk across the United States you can certainly envision, “Hey I’ve done it. I’ve walked all these beaches, I’ve walked state to state to state, over the mountains, through the deserts, through the cities and there’s a ticker tap parade for me in New York City as I’m walking down Madison Avenue. I’ve done it, I’ve walked across the United States.”

You can envision that and that’s valuable of course to have that endgame in mind, but here’s something that’s even more valuable then the endgame, and that’s to envision walking every day.

What if your vision was that who I am, and what I do, and what I love doing is just walking 10 to 20 miles every day. Some days might be 10 based on the terrain, or the temperature, or the distractions, but some days might be 20. And all I do every day is walk, that’s who I am, that’s what I do. And for me it’s not about the ticker tape parade in New York City, although that’s okay too, it’s just that I love to walk.

And so, if you’re a Realtor what might be the process?

Well I don’t know, the question to ask yourself is what is the one thing that as a Realtor if you did it every day without fail, maybe it takes you 10 minutes, maybe it takes you an hour, but if you did every day without fail would ultimately lead to listings and sales?

Maybe that’s reaching out and contacting new prospective people who might want to buy or sell their home.

If you’re a network marketer it’s pretty simple, it’s reaching out and asking people if they’d just take a look at your opportunity, and maybe have a tool to show them.

Have a video, or maybe have a book, or maybe you have something, but that’s the process that I’m in love with.

I have a big vision about transformation, and learning, and becoming a totally different person five years from now than I am today, but I don’t spend a lot of time reading the vision about five years from now.

I’m this amazing person. I think about that, and I have a vision about being a much more powerful prominent person five years from now, but what I pay most attention to is reading every day.

Every day I spend probably at least 30 minutes reading the thoughts of people that I admire, people that inspire me, and I generally do that through blogs and podcasts as opposed to books.

I love that process!

I love the process of being curious, and learning, and taking on other people’s perspectives. I love the process of reading threads where people are arguing about different points of view.

It could be

  •     gun control,
  •     politics,
  •     the economy,
  •     the stock market,
  •     or what to do about homeless people.

I love reading other people’s points of view. I love reading the full spectrum of people way over here on the left and people way over on the right. It just gives me a new breadth of perspective on what’s going on.

Yeah as a network marketer; a lot of you are network marketers.

I’m a network marketer, what’s the one thing that if you did it every day, if you loved doing it every day? If you just got up and it’s the first thing you thought about doing every day, what would that lead to and what is that one thing?

Well for most of us it’s just inviting people to take a look.

And you know if you invited just one person to take a look every day, whether it’s one person to look at listing their home, or one person to look at buying your cars if you’re a car salesmen, one person to look at your network marketing business, if you just contacted one person a day that automatically puts you in the top one percent of your profession.

Not necessarily in income, but in what people need to do to get to the top one percent of the income, because 99% of the people in the game aren’t doing it. 99% of the people today are making an excuse about why they don’t have time, why nobody’s interested, why this shiny object they’re looking at is more important than that.

Love with the MLM process itself!

So write that vision out.

Write the vision out of this is what I’m doing every day, and this is why I love it. For me I don’t have it written out but it’s deeply ingrained in me the idea of connecting with people. When I met somebody new I kind of salivate with curiosity about who are they, and where do they live, and what do they do for a living?

Why are they here, wherever we might be?

Sometimes they come to Lanai where we live and there’s always a story about how they got there, and why they’re there, and where they come from. And I love that story. And for me it’s not about recruiting them.

The vision I have is not recruiting them.

The vision I have is get to know them, satisfy my curiosity. What do they do for a living and what’s with their family, and why are they here, and what are they doing while they’re here, and what do they enjoy most? All of that.

And so, what I challenge you to do is create a vision about, what’s the one thing. Maybe your thing is fitness, maybe that’s the most important thing to you. Maybe it should be the most important thing to me. But you know if fitness was, then what there is to do is not fall in love with the body of our dreams, but fall in love with eating fresh and clean everyday. Fall in love with 45 minutes of activity every day, that’s the process to fitness and wellness.

The process to wealth is falling in love with paying attention to your money;

  •     paying attention to how you earn it,
  •     how you spend it,
  •     how you put it to work for you.

Not visioning being a multi millionaire, that’s okay that’s valuable, but the secret weapon of vision is to create a powerful vision of that process.

That one thing.

Great book, The One Thing.

Read that book from the founder of Keller Williams Real Estate, I can’t think of his name right at the moment, but somebody will post it here.

Read The One Thing.

Figure out what the one thing is that will get you to where you want to go, and then create a vision around you loving that MLM process, like you salivate for it.

When you get up in the morning that’s the most important thing you’re looking to do is engage with that MLM process, not because of the ticker tape parade, but because you just love the process.

Walk every day, guess where you end up three or four months from now? New York City baby, Madison Avenue.

Have a fantastic day, over and out.

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  1. It seems odd enough this post comes to my inbox today. Since listening to you at the Young Living Convention in Vancouver, I have thought a lot about what you said, and one of the key things I took from that was just that to invasion the process… I have taken your advice and every morning I pretend I am sitting with Gary and Mary and talked in my head of what I was going to do TODAY to move towards my goals of where i want to be. I read the 4 Year Career again since coming home and I go to bed with earbuds in listening to your podcasts… I even so much as looked up your retreat that you offer (I was hoping to be in the top 6 of the Ultimate Help 5 contest that YL was offering in Canada but I fell short as I finished 9th, but that is ok I will get there someday!!! I want to thank you for your wisdom and guidance and I look forward to more of your knowledge. I guess I would have to say that I look up to you as a mentor. Kindest regards.

  2. This is so true Richard. I love this post. And I’ve read The One Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan. It’s an excellent recommendation. I must read it again 🙂 Thanks for the reminder of focusing not only the end result vision, but also to create a vision around the process. Great words of wisdom. Thank you.

  3. Have been pondering about this for quite some time now Richard, falling in love with the end vision AND falling in love with the process. Question remains: How do I fall in love with the process?

  4. Thank You.
    Starting right now.
    Love it!

  5. Awesome post Richard! I was a participant of the Gamechanger bootcamp this summer and cant get enough of your videos and books. Some of the most valuable trainings I’ve ever had! Thanks for all you do for our industry! I’m looking forward to reporting back where my business is this time next year.

  6. New concept for me – visioning and loving the process. Thank you. It’s what I need but have the same question as another person- how do I fall in love with the process. Influenced by your training I would answer the question simply: steadfastly envision loving the process, speak positive affirmations, pick positive specifics of the daily process to dwell on. I know it is sure to awaken a new response and understanding to the process. Again, thank you.

  7. You know, I’ve heard you speak often and yet every time I get inspired over and over again. I learn something new, get exited about what I’m about to change and then I do it. When I get in a slump, ya it happens, I know how to pull out of it, by listening to your podcasts. I sometimes wonder how you do it, but who cares how? It works! Thank you!!!

  8. This makes so much sense! You have to be in love with the process of reaching a goal. I also love the reminder of being curious and getting to know people. Thanks for this!

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