Find Out The Key To Becoming A Network Marketing Hero

Find Out The Key To Becoming A Network Marketing Hero

Fear is a story; and when you hear enough versions of a different story … you can move past the fear and become a hero. 

THIS is why I created the Hero Series Calls.


A hero is someone who has done something we admire, trust and respect. Someone who has done something that perhaps we are afraid we will not do or think we cannot do. 

Every hero starts with a belief that they can do it. This belief is everything – it is the pivotal difference maker in whether or not your own vision of what you want to accomplish gets green lights. If the conversation you have with yourself is that you can do it, it is inevitable then that you WILL do it. It’s worth repeating … belief is everything.

I think that, to a large degree, belief is in the details. They shine a light on the questions that always seem to go unasked and unanswered. My intention with interviewing Network Marketing Heroes is to bring light to these dark corridors, to ask about the details and for them to bring you belief in yourself. 

Here are some things we get into:

      • Who introduced them to Network Marketing … how did they know the person or meet them?

      • What exactly did they say to introduce this Hero to the opportunity?

      • What did they think about what they said?

      • How many times and ways did they say no?

      • What compelled them to finally or immediately take a look?

      • What were their first 90 days like and how important was a fast start if they had one?

      • How many people did they enroll in the first 4 years, by year?

      • What did those enrollments geometrically grow into?

In these calls, we also focus on the numbers … personally enrolled grew into how many and what are the total sales?

      • We look for people who built a Four Year Career even if they didn’t use the book as a tool.
      • We look for people who built in such a way as to honor the Bliss Business Philosophies … leaders you can admire and trust.
      • We look for people who built in a transparent, duplicable way.
      • We look for the Heroes of our profession … and leave the rest to do their dirty work.

One of my coaching tools over the years has been to give the lost leader, one who has lost his or her vision, confidence, and belief (or perhaps never had it in the first place), the project of calling the top ten leaders in their company and asking if they could interview them. 

Ask them how and why they came to believe. Ask them to tell you their story. How did they do it and with whom? Dive into the details.

You too can transform or protect your own belief by studying the Hero Series.

And even more exciting news: we will be releasing a new interview twice a month! This means you can listen anytime, anywhere to build your own belief and get proven tools to build your empire. Chances are that somebody from your MLM company has been interviewed and has some excellent advice.

This podcast is filled with over 106 interviews that you can listen to time and time again to pull nuggets of wisdom from.

Listen to them while you cook, work out, hike or drive. Every time you do, your mind will launch a dozen new ideas and a dozen new versions of your own story.

Remember, it is just a story. You can make up a masterpiece or a mess. 

Your choice.

The work is worth it,

– Richard –

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