I Wonder

I Wonder

I wonder how many die-hard Ford fans switched to Chevy because Chevy fans kept flipping them off.
I wonder how many rabid Apple fans switched from the constant scorn Droided down on them.
I wonder how many lifetime Muslims converted to Christianity after being preached the true gospel.
I wonder how many dug-in Democrats have embraced the Republican rhetoric?


I wonder how telling someone that deeply believes in something that they are wrong … works to make them right.
I wonder how telling someone they are stupid makes them smart.
I wonder how pure logic unravels blind faith.
I wonder how hate creates anything but more hate.


I wonder how I can be so right this time when I have been so wrong the other times.
I wonder how I can swear to know the facts about something for which I have no first-hand knowledge.


I wonder why we are so insecure in our beliefs that we cannot be with people that believe something different.
I wonder where this war of words will take us.
I wonder when love will once again be in the air.


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  1. Richard…may all persons big or small, left or right, short or tall, black, white, brown or somewhere in between, young, old, spiritual or not read and soak this in. It’s wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Love is in the air when we surround ourselves with lovers.

  3. My favorite tweet the most stupid one that people do…”I wonder how I can swear to know the facts about something for which I have no first-hand knowledge.” I struggle with this one in my career all the time n as I’m starting a new career in essential oils I’m finding it here as well. People just want to be ignorant n don’t want the facts. Very sad! Thanks

  4. To be understood, first seek to understand,
    -Steven Covey
    Also, from the prayer of St. Francis of Assissi

    Thank you, Richard

  5. Really powerful. It reminds me of something my ex-husband used to say all the time. “No one was ever yelled into changing their mind.”

  6. Richard, there is a wonderful article in the NYT about a weekend Conference where “526 Voters Represent
    All of America. And They Spent a Weekend Together” and it showed some wonderful commonality once people meet face to face. Between that and seeing video of Brandt Jean asking to hug Amber Guyger, my belief in human spirit and goodness is filled to the brim today. Communication is key and it’s OK to have different beliefs from friends and family. Ignore the sound bites and, have a chat xx

  7. Hmmm… something things to ponder on. What comes to mind is a recent experience for myself where I chose to “be” generosity. I had been frustrated with my job and the people I work with… if those people weren’t such jerks, etc. When I chose generosity as my way of being I so clearly saw how “those people” who frustrated me had nothing to to with my frustration. In being generosity I immediately saw my role in how I see the world. I’m now having fun and having great connections with everyone, and those that are not fitting into my new view either change as I hold my way of being or I don’t even notice them any more… they just fade away.

  8. Hi Richard, you always do excellent in all you do. I have been listening and reading to your works for quite some time. Thank you. Michael Kissinger

  9. It seems to accept others where they are at… is such a challenge for so many! Finding something in common does take time and some listening skills as you have pointed out (kudos to you on that great insight!) … My story is when I get to KNOW someone I also find something to LIKE, however, there are a lot of people I don’t KNOW yet… I plan to continue my personal challenge to get to KNOW those people who cross my path for a purpose… & get to KNOW them…you can’t have too many REAL friends… from every race, creed and culture! Thanks for all you do to enhance the lives of so many …not just your company!

  10. If you persist to teach the unteachable,
    they are not the stupid ones!

  11. So true and yet so simple !!!!

  12. Yes – This seems to be a challenging lesson to learn even though we know love is the only way forward.

  13. I think sometimes we want people to change so badly, because it will make our life easier(especially those closest to us) . But we just frustrate ourselves more. I’ve learned to listen more. It’s good to be around people with different views.

  14. Conflict attracts conflict, love attracts love, success attracts success. Thank you for sharing wisdom and love 🙏🏽❤️

  15. I agree, we shouldn’t marry our ideas. Other sides can give us context and new ways of seeing things. We should be passionate in our beliefs but willing to see new ways of looking at things. Nice thoughts Richard.

  16. What a lovely bit of insight; it was actual poetry. Thank you. 🌺

  17. Beliefs don’t change experiences; but, experiences can change beliefs!

  18. Unity comes to mind. Strength in diversity. Tolerance and honor of our differences, which enrich one another. Love IS in the air. 🙏

  19. Powerful questions, Richard. An introduction to listening for Gold from others, not for our differences and how we may disagree. Thx.

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