Keeping People Involved

Keeping People Involved

Help your distributors remember their “why” and stay motivated.

Many distributors find that recruiting is only half the battle in growing their organizations. Keeping people active and motivated can be another struggle. 

Here’s some simple advice to keep your people not only involved, but ON FIRE!

Here’s the picture you’re describing: Someone gets involved  … and 3 or 4 months later, they’ve forgotten that they’re involved. They’re not doing anything, and if you ask them about it … and this is key … they don’t even remember why they got involved to begin with.


This is the first thing I ask somebody who is stopped or struggling. Perhaps they’ve been in for 3 months, or maybe 3 years, and things aren’t really working well for them. 

So I ask, “Why did you get involved in Network Marketing to begin with?”

And it’s remarkable: Right then and there, they remember – and it becomes clear to them that they had forgotten.

That’s what creates motivation for anyone – thinking about what it is we want in our future that we don’t have now, and thinking about it in a way that’s flavored with belief and positive expectancy.

It’s a Vision of: 

  • What you want to do
  • Who you want to be
  • What you want to have

It’s a Vision of seeing yourself actually achieving it.

Contrast this with a Vision that says: “Well, this is what I’d like … but I don’t really think it’s going to happen … ” That simply creates resignation and depression or apathy (why try?).“I’d like to have this, but why even try, it’s not going to happen anyway.”

Anybody who enrolls in Network Marketing has a Vision of what they could get from it. It may be money, it may be time freedom, or it may be a need for a tribe of like-minded people. 

But whatever it is, they have a Vision – even if only for a few minutes – of what could happen for them in this business, and they see themselves succeeding. They like the benefits and they like the asset potential … that’s what motivates them to start. 

Then, a few weeks or months later, they lose the Vision. Why? Because we’re not trained to keep ourselves motivated. 

We’re trained to stay motivated by finding somebody else to motivate us: we go to a seminar or buy a training from some guru. That can work, if you want to spend all your time watching online trainings or going to seminars.

But there is a simple way to keep yourself motivated, and here’s how it works.

Finding the Why Exactly?

Create a positive expectation (Vision) of what you want for yourself (whether it’s for next week or five years from now), keep that Vision crystal clear, and see it in such a way that you believe you’re going to achieve it.

Once you’ve got that, train yourself to think about that Vision most of the time.

If you want to keep people motivated, take the reason they got signed up to begin with and keep it in front of their face. 

That’s why, when you first start, step #1 is for you to figure out your WHY. What you want out of it … exactly. Not just “some more money,” but how much more money, and what are you going to do with that money

You and I are not motivated by money. If you get a million dollars, but you’re confined to a desert island with nobody around, what good is the million bucks? You can use it for a campfire.

What motivates us is what money can buy, whether it’s freedom, security, toys or whatever.

You want to get really specific with people: “You want money? How much do you want, when do you want it, and what are you going to do with it?” 

Be a facilitator by asking them questions.

“You want to buy a new house? Great!”

  • Where do you want it to be?
  • What’s it going to look like? 
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • How are you going to decorate it?

Give them a Vision – THEIR Vision. And to the degree that they lose sight of it, you put it back in. Once you’ve done that, then your job is to teach them how to maintain that Vision.

One of your primary responsibilities to the people you sponsor is for you to know what their Vision is. And your job – one of your jobs – is to keep that Vision crystal clear for them until they learn how to remember it for themselves.

Making It Up

Let’s say it’s 3 months into the business for some of your new people, and all of a sudden, they’re whining and complaining and creating excuses about why they’re not going to do it, and you can see that they’re backpedaling. 

It happens to everybody. It’s normal.

Your job is to ask them if they still want that new house. Put them back in that conversation, because if they’re backpedaling, here’s the conversation that they’re in: “This won’t work … it takes too much time and energy … nobody wants to do this …”

And isn’t that one an interesting interpretation?! “Nobody wants to do this.” Except us! None of the other 310,000,000 people though.

See, we make stuff up that causes us to move away from the business. So you will want to teach people to make stuff up that moves them toward the business.

We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously when it comes to thinking we know what the truth is. We make it all up; every bit, from day one. What does a baby believe in? What do they know to be the truth? Food, nurturing, comfort …

Do they know Network Marketing works? They don’t know anything. They don’t even have any options! So now you have somebody who’s 30 years old, and it’s remarkable to see how much a 30-year-old “knows.”

I have no idea what the truth is, and I assert you don’t either. We make up a lot of stuff that we learn to believe in, based on our experiences. 

Maybe you tried it for a while – maybe once – and it didn’t work, so you decided that it just doesn’t work.

Well, guess what? You just made that up! What’s true is you tried it for a while, and it didn’t work. That’s what’s true. The rest of it, you just made up.

So what you want to do is make up stuff that gets you fired up about being in action. Just make it up! You made up all the other stuff!

Teach your people to “make up stuff” that empowers them, that keeps them motivated and in action. That’s how to keep people involved in Network Marketing … or anything else for that matter.

The Work Is Worth It,

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  1. I’m trying to always revisit and revise my why–since it is ever evolving. I’m also re-reading your original version of Mach II. Thanks for the reminder about my “why” AND vision Richard.

  2. Totally agree Denise, my WHY changes daily, it seems. I write it out and then something comes up and i am right back to the beginning. One thing i have found is that my WHY is evolving. as is the VISION i had when i began. I feel that if i were to go back and read all of my WHY & VISION statements to myself, i don’t think they have changed that much, still basically to assist others in “Achieving whatever THEY want in life”.
    My bucket list of wants is short, as i have been so blessed since i have found my supplier; it seems that the VISION is the WHY.

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