Leadership: Your Path to Freedom in Network Marketing
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Leadership: Your Path to Freedom in Network Marketing

Leadership is the distinction between working the business and succeeding at the business. There are three basic roles people play on our teams: customers, builders, and leaders.  


These are the people who limit their involvement to just using the products. They may recommend the products to others on occasion but just casually and certainly not with intention. Customers may or may not be “enrolled” in our business. It is their role that matters not their rank. Customers make up 90-95% of our teams. 


Think of these people in the working-class role. These people do the work— they also need and want leadership, direction, encouragement, and to be part of something bigger. Typically, these types build small teams and tend to struggle and yet aspire to be leaders as it’s part of their journey. Builders typically make up 5-10% of teams. While individually builders are small producers, collectively they are responsible for most of a team’s growth.


Leaders create and harness their own Vision and self-motivation. Leaders are creative and influential, rallying their team around a common Vision in which everyone feels included and connected. And most importantly, leaders produce growth whether you help them or not. They are an independent engine on your team. With every leader comes hundreds to thousands of customers and dozens to hundreds of builders.  

If you are reading this, you are either a Builder on someone’s team aspiring to be the Leader of your own team, or you are the Leader

Builders want to know how to become leaders and leaders want to know how to develop more leaders—so the leaders don’t have to be the end-all for everyone on their team.

Need to work on Vision and self-motivation? Check out my Mach2 Vision Training online course designed to empower you with the tools you need to transform your life and achieve whatever your heart desires. 

Leaders are Leverage to Growth AND Freedom

You can manage sales and increase team recruiting with your own leadership by inspiring your Customers and Builders to do more. The challenge builders face is their “more” is limited by their role. The most you can expect from builders are incremental increases.

The larger your team becomes just from your own leadership, the less freedom you have. You become the victim of your own leadership where everyone depends on you for everything. Leadership can be lonely and exhausting. The team can feel it, which does just the opposite of inspiring them to want to be like you. Make sense? Have you been there? Are you there now?

The philosophy and strategy deployed by those who continue to grow their teams beyond their own leadership en route to their own freedom is Leadership Development. 

The Secret to Leadership Development 

From a number’s standpoint, you don’t want more than 100 people on your own team of which 90-95 are customers and 5-10 are builders. Having 5-10 builders is enough to keep you busy as a leader. If you follow the math, you want at least one leader to “jump” out of every team of 100.  

Then, theoretically, these leaders can go on to build their own team of 100. You now have a team of 200 but are just leading 100. You and your leaders keep duplicating that basic model to compound the growth of your teams.

Think about how a top leader builds a team of 20,000. Do they do it themselves? Do they manage and motivate 20,000 themselves? No—that doesn’t happen; it’s all done through the Leverage of Leadership.

So how do you find your leaders and inspire them to lead?

Here are four simple steps

First, realize they may already be on your team.

If the people on your team have ever been a powerful leader in any area of their lives … including raising a family, they ARE a leader. If you have 100 total people on your team, you may have 10 or more Leaders in waiting. They just do not see this opportunity as a place for them to lead … yet. Imagine if you inspired 10 of your team to go on and build their own teams of 100?!

Second, pay attention to the culture on your team.

Foster a culture of ethics, fun, education, recognition, ambition, gratitude, creativity, positive language, and Vision casting. Negativity, gossip, short cuts, drama, or grandstanding prohibits inspiration for the hidden leaders on your team. Here’s how to create a winning culture on your team.

Third, Ditch the Dogma.

Builders need and want a system to follow. Leaders may use the system as a launching pad, but they are creative and independent and will tinker with the system. If you are a leader who created your own system, notice if you are running a dogma campaign that no one else has permission to do the same thing. You shut down leadership with authoritarian dogma. Let people know you’ll encourage them to create their own system if they so desire. And the secret is….

Fourth, capitalize on events.

You can create the most sophisticated “leadership development” programs on the planet. You can have everyone reading John Maxwell books monthly with workbooks and assignments and studying leadership until we can all quote the clichés verbatim. Or, you can Lead your team to events. Event, after event, after event.

Leadership is not trained until it is inspired.


Events are a magical place to inspire the already existing leadership on your team — leaders who already know how to:

  • Declare a Vision
  • Ask people to join them
  • Influence enrollment
  • Create energy and momentum
  • Create results

Leaders already know how to do that because they have done it before in sports, their full-time career, charity work, community projects, their church, and their family.

Leadership is often domain-specific. I may be a powerful leader in my family but don’t yet see the same in my business. Events wake up leadership.

Events inspire a conversation of confidence. Events shake things up. Events are an unfair advantage. 

Think about it:

Your hidden leaders spend 99.9% of their time by themselves talking to themselves which tends to just perpetuate the same conversation they have been in about the business. The conversation may include things like:

  • “Not for me”
  • “I can’t”
  • “I am too busy”

One percent of the time they are listening to you cast a bigger Vision for them. Perhaps but not likely, and even when they are listening to you the longest that conversation may be is 30 minutes a week. 

Contrast that with them “Being in the Being” of 10 or 100, or 1000, or 10,000 on fire beings all BEING about:

  • “Let’s do this!”
  • “We can do this.”
  • “This is worth it!”
  • “This is Fun!”
  • “We get massive recognition for doing this!”
  • “We need more leaders!”
  • “We need You!”

Everyone is vibrating these messages of Vision and virtue for 8-12 hours nonstop in a day…perhaps two to three days at a time.

This is the unfair advantage. The hidden leaders’ conversations of “I can’t., I won’t., I don’t have time., It isn’t worth it., etc.” all gets flushed away…one lonely weak and negative conversation swept away by hundreds of Visions of “I CAN!”

This phenomenon is what creates the Epiphany of Leadership … leaders born in a moment…in a flash of inspiration at events. One moment the leaders are just plodding along part of the crowd and a moment later they are declaring a magnificent Vision with contagious confidence. These leaders are On Fire about building their own team and off they go.

You can try to manage every one of your team members’ sales and recruiting. And as a leader, you will—preferably using systems to do so. And the way you will create quantum leaps of growth on your team is to inspire leaders to leap, launch, and love their own Vision.

Whether it is a weekly live event, a monthly rally, a quarterly regional, your national convention, or any number of live events in between, leading your team to attend events is your magical giant lever for growth and growth with freedom.

If you’re looking for event options as you’re beginning and resources are tight, the more convenient route of online events is a good starting place. While online events pale in comparison to live in person, heart-to-heart connections, they are better than no event at all.

Imagine trying to create romance and fire with another person, and you are limiting your events to online only. Notice the impact of if and when you actually get together in person. The difference is almost indescribable. There’s a difference between talking about a kiss and experiencing an actual kiss.

Live events change lives.

Leaders are born at events. 

Create and implement your Event Attendance Strategy and you will experience the growth you want and deserve.   

If you ever need a guest speaker online or in-person…I am your man. Just send me an email. I am not free…because freedom isn’t free.

The work is worth it,


P.S. Comment below! Tell us what kind of “type” you are and your aspirations. Have a question? Just let us know!

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  1. This hits me in the right spot. I have always been a leader and have been very creative in making plans as a teacher, community member, mom, church member. Since entering the network marketing system, I have been abuilder waiting for the right time and the right conversation. It’s time for me to unleash the power I know I have for leading people. Thanks for this blog. It was just what I needed!!! A kick in the butt.

  2. I am a leader who is stuck in a negative mindset to be honest:). I have built a great real estate business, and have been blessed coming from literally nothing:). I want residual income now as I am getting older, and would like to live abundantly in my retirement. Network marketing is really exciting to me:).

  3. I am a leader. I have been a builder but I’m ready to fly now. I have the dream, the vision, thanks to Richards books, and I’m so looking forward to refining that vision this weekend at his Kelowna event and sooooo excited to see what happens with my builder soon to be leader that is coming too!

  4. Hi Richard! I hear you talk about “Hero” calls. I don’t know what that is. Please explain.

    Loved your “live” video on this topic – helped me understand why I have been “stuck” at builder and not gone to leader. I’m gonna get reckless! Hee haw!

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