The Most Powerful Network Marketing Tip in Existence Part I

The Most Powerful Network Marketing Tip in Existence Part I


I’m in Las Vegas, and today we’re going to talk about self-motivation and motivating other people.

This is the most powerful network marketing tip in existence.

I wanted to talk tonight about the concept of, you can’t motivate other people. Because I think that’s what you and I in leadership get paid to do, is motivate other people.

I want to talk about some of the ways to do the following:

  • how to motivate other people in their network marketing business,
  • express your leadership
  • and accomplish some of your goals

How you get your dream to work is get your ‘we’ to work

Get a team going, get some people going where you want to go, be on the same path and being as excited as you are and pulling for you. When you get enough people doing that, guess what? You get some people who are actually more powerful and more excited and more competent than you are, and then the gold rush comes because you couldn’t stop it if you wanted to. You just get this huge momentum happening.

So let me talk a little bit about motivating other people

People fall into basically three categories.

These are rough numbers, but they’re accurate enough for conversation.

So the first group is what I call the three-percenters, and the three-percenters, that’d be, like, three out of 100 people, they were gifted from their parents or just good fortune maybe, bizarre crazy genes, with this attitude that they can do anything. They’re at peace, they have joy, they’re powerful, they’re ambitious. It doesn’t mean necessarily they pursue financial abundance, but whatever it is that they pursue in life, they just don’t have any question that they can achieve it, and when they’re faced with, okay, here’s the path, here’s the plan, here’s what you’re going to have to do every day, they just get it done.

best network marketing tip

It’s not like these people aren’t busy already because they have their whole day filled up, just like everybody else, but what they do when they’re proposed an opportunity, it could be any kind of opportunity, but when something additional is put in front of them, is that, you know, “Hey, would this interest you in doing this?” What they just do is an immediate prioritization of everything on their plate, and they decide, “is this new thing you’re offering me going to be more fun and more beneficial and honor my values more than what I’ve got on my plate right now?”

They just do an immediate quick scramble of that and they kick something off their plate. Something that, up until that time, was important. That’s why people are busy.

So these three-percenters, they’re just gifted with… The way their brain works is, when they decide they want something… So this kind of goes in these segments.

So you see something.

  • Maybe you see a new car, you want it.
  • Maybe you see a business opportunity you want to succeed in it.
  • Maybe you see a relationship and you want that relationship.

It could be anything you want.

Could be the successful public speaking career. Doesn’t matter what it is, but when people see something they want, what the three-percenters have is what I call creative interpretations or green lights.

They see an opportunity, they see a circumstance, and what they make up, creative interpretations, is that they can do this. That it’s going to work out good for them.

For example, if they need somebody on their team, if they need to build a team, when they see a list of potential candidates to be on their team, the conversation that they have, that’s the creative interpretation, is, “Oh, they’re going to love joining my team. They’re going to love hearing about this. This is going to be great.” So when you have that kind of creative interpretation, that’s what we call a green light.

I mean, just think about you and your business, and if you have a list of candidates that you want to talk to about getting on your team, if the way you thought about those candidates was, “Oh, they’re going to be excited to hear from me. They’re going to be interested in this. They’re probably going to want to join. They could be one of my best people,” how long would it take you to call them?

I mean, would you be like, “Oh, I don’t have time. Oh, I thought about it but I forgot. Oh, it’s too late. Oh, they’re probably not going to be…” No. How long would it take you to call them if you had creative interpretations that led to green lights?

Boom, you’d call them right now.

And what would your energy be when you called them? Would it be, “Oh, gee, this is Richard. I don’t know, did I bother you? Is this a good time? I don’t know, maybe you probably heard of some pyramid scheme or something and you don’t want… But, you know, could I tell you…”

Is that how you’d talk to them?

Or would you be like, “Hey, Mary, I got something you and I need to talk about. Let’s meet. Come on, this is going to be awesome,” right?

That’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy because imagine you’re on the other side, you’re a candidate. You have no idea your friend’s about to call you and tell you about an opportunity. So everybody that we prospect pretty much gets blindsided with, “Hey, I’ve got something I want to show you, and here’s this… I want you to join me in business,” or, “I want you to try my products.”

People aren’t expecting that from their friends, so we tend to sideswipe people, we surprise them, and if you surprise people and you’re like Debbie Downer, well, that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. They may not think it consciously, but unconsciously they think, “Well, I hear what she’s saying but I don’t get it. Doesn’t sound very exciting to me,” so they don’t join. But when you call people and you’re on fire, what do they get from that? What’s the communication? “This sounds awesome, so at least I’m going to look.”

So that’s the three-percenters

The three-percenters aren’t somebody that we need to motivate or work with. What we need to do is simply build a team big enough so it’s got, like, 100 people.

Here’s what happens when you get 100 people on your team, you probably have three people that are as, or more powerful at building teams as you. I mean, if you built the team of 100 people, you’re one of them, and if you’ve got 100 people on your team, the odds are, you’ve got three. You could have five, you could have one, you could have two, but the odds are you got three other people just like you. And if you built a team of 100 people, and you coach them and show them what you did, well, they’ve got the horsepower and the creative interpretations and green lights to build a team of 100 people. And if you built 100, and each of them go out and build 100, how big is your team? It’s 400 people.

So in the art of building asset income in network marketing, one of the things that happens at a team, somewhere around 250 to 500 people…

There’s no science to it, it’s kind of an art, lot of things depend on what the number is, but 400 is certainly right in the middle of the sweet spot. Something that happens when you build a team of 400 people is the thing just runs away from you.

It just grows in spite of you

Doesn’t mean you get to retire. It doesn’t mean that people don’t need you anymore, but you’ve got enough people on your team, you’ve got 400 people times 3%, that’s 12 people, right. I think you get 12 people.

You’ve got 12 people, plus you, that are superstars

12 people that are self-motivated. 12 people that, whatever they want, they see an award, they see a contest in the company, they see recognition, they see stage time, they see somebody who’s built a huge empire in the company, like, they read about somebody in your company that’s got a quarter of a million people on their team, they just decide, “Well, I want to do that.” But the important thing is, they not only decide they can do it, but they know they can. So when you’ve got 400 people on your team, you’ve got 12 superstars. That’s a little over a baseball team, right, or a football team.

You’ve got a SWAT team when you get 400 people

So what’s the magic to getting 400 people? Well, really, just get 100. Just get 100 and look for the leadership and fan the fire.

But what about the other 97% of the people?

How do they break out?

how to succeed in network marketing fast

Well, about 47% of them, and that’s a really rough number, they want to better their station in life.

  • They want to have more fun,
  • they want to have more adventure,
  • they want to have more relationships.
  • They want to have more abundance,
  • more peace,
  • more of everything.

They want all of that but the missing for them is, they don’t know to motivate themselves. It wasn’t a natural gift.

They think, “Oh, I want that,” but then the trouble is the conversation that comes behind it. The creative interpretations. It’s not all green lights. In fact, it’s mostly red lights. Some green lights. Green lights enough to…

The 47%, those are the ones who actually sign up

You show them any opportunity or you show them the product, and they go, “Oh, yeah, that sounds great. Let’s do that.”

So they got enough green light to sign up, but then when the tough get going, those people don’t get going. What their creative interpretations sound like is, “Well, I’ve talked to seven people and nobody wants to do this,” or, “The last three people I enrolled quit,” or, “I don’t have time,” or, “This is too hard,” or, “It’s not going to work out anyway, and it…”

You know, a big, big, big motto for me is, the work is worth it

You’ve got to believe the work is worth it or you don’t do the work.

The 47-percenters don’t believe the work is worth it. Not deep in their heart. They want the work to be worth it. They want things to work out and pay off, so they try. And if you look at your sales organization, what you’ll find is, about half the people in your sales organization are trying. They show up for events, they show up for conference calls. They try to promote the products. They try to build a team. And what does that look like? Well, they take a couple of steps forward and then three steps back, and then they take two months off, and then…

They struggle.

And sometimes those people break through.

One of the ways people like that break through is one of the great gifts if you’re in network marketing, is that a two on a scale of one to 10 in network marketing can sponsor a 10, and that’s exactly how I made it in network marketing. I was a total two. A total two. The only thing that made me a two is I was still doing it. I was out there, doing meetings, and talking to people, and I hadn’t quit, and I probably got one point for that, and I got one point for I was full-time. That’s the fastest way to go broke, be a 47-percenter and go full-time.

Can you imagine that?

So by the time I actually made it, I was driving a borrowed car, living in a studio apartment, with a fold-out bed and a folding card table and a folding chair. I was 2,000 miles away from anybody I knew and anything I knew and I was alone in the world, but then guess what?

A customer wanted some more product

I took him some more product. He said, “Is there any money in this?” I showed him the opportunity and guess what he was? Just guess what he was. You can drop it in the comments if you can guess what he was.

His name is Jerry.

Guess what Jerry was.

So you got three percenters. You got 47 percenters and then you got 50 percenters. Guess what Jerry was? Drum roll. Drop it in the comments. He was a 10. He was a 10. Jerry looked at this big mess that I wrote on the yellow pad in the Village Inn in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Four who can get four who can get four who can get four who can get four who can get four, until I ran out of paper and he said, “I can do that.”

He said, “I can do that.” He wanted to do it. And he said, “I can do that.”

And I’d never heard anybody say I can do it with as much conviction as Jerry did. So guess what he went on and did it.

So triers do make it at times.

That was basically what I was doing is trying. And I had done enough personal development work at that point. So I got a whole hour long story about how I manifested Jerry Schaub, which maybe I’ll do it on a live feed someday.

There’s a whole lot of lessons about success in there

But here’s the point about the 47% of the organization that are struggling is they do have the opportunity to be a two that enrolls a four or a two that enrolls a seven or two that enroll enrolls a 10.

That struggle can be part of the process.

And then the last group, the third group, is about the 50 percenters

top network marketing tips

The 50 percenters, they worry mostly. They wish a lot. They whine a lot and they pretty much stand around and watch and wonder what happened. “Weren’t you at the same rank I was at the last event.” “Yeah.” “Now, you’re like four ranks up?” “Yep.” And they’re like, “What happened?”

I have empathy for those people and they’re also humorous entertainment at times because we’ve all been in that place at some time or another. We’re just at the bottom of the barrel and we just can’t even get out of our own way.

So the point of this is, can you motivate other people?

  • Can you motivate a 50 percenter?
  • Can you motivate a 40 percenter?

And the answer to that is: absolutely, you can!

I want to read you a quote from Mach2 to one of my favorites. It’s,

“We hope vaguely, but dread precisely.”

Think about that. We hope vaguely but dread precisely.

So the people, the three percenters just flip it. The three percenters, they hope precisely, if you can use the word hope. I’m not a big fan of the word hope, but you get what he means with the word hope.

They hope precisely.

In other words, they have a crystal clear vision about what they want and they dread vaguely. So they may worry. And they may have dreads, but it’s vague, it’s not crystallized.

So just think about that.

We hope vaguely, but we dread precisely. And that was by Paul Valéry era 1871 to 1945, a French poet, essayist and critic. So, so, so profound.

So how do you motivate somebody that’s not motivated?

How do you motivate a 40%, 45% or 47 percenter?

They’re actually the easier ones to motivate than the 50 percenters.

But how you do it is very, very simple.

Network Marketing Tip – You just actually deploy the art of vision and self motivation

They don’t know how to do it. Their parents didn’t teach them how to do it. It’s not a natural way of thinking for them, but you can walk them through that just by asking them some questions.

So you know, let’s say you got a 47 percenter on your team that’s been on it for let’s say I don’t know, a year and they’re struggling and they’re not getting anywhere and they’re not at all in the same state of being now that they were when they joined the company. And you’re thinking, “How do I motivate this person? What do I say?”

Here’s a simple question just ask, let’s see. Okay, Dustin Dixon, he’s watching. I will just ask Dustin.

“Hey Dustin, I’m curious. Tell me if you will, what had you join this opportunity to begin with? So take me back to a year ago when you joined.”

Stay tuned in for part 2 of this post…

Love you guys… The Work is Worth It. RB.

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