The Most Powerful Network Marketing Tip in Existence Part II

The Most Powerful Network Marketing Tip in Existence Part II

Let’s talk about the conversation before we get into the details of the most powerful network marketing tip in our profession.

This is like a guided visualization, if you will.

Just by asking the questions, you lead somebody to remember where they were when an event in their life happened.

Now, I want you to remember what the conversation was and what inspired you to join your network marketing business.

And most importantly, what did you think you could create with it?

That’s what I want you to discover here is what was your green light?

What was your creative interpretation?

What did you say to yourself, ‘I can do’ and speak that to me again? Tell me what it is you hoped for, if you will, by joining your network marketing opportunity.

Here’s how the conversation might play out with an imaginary prospect named Ryan:

“So Ryan,” I would say, “Ryan, tell me why you joined.” And he might say, “Well, I’d hope to make an extra thousand dollars a month and pay off my debts.”

So then I might ask, “Is that still important to you?” And of course he’s going to say, “Yeah, it is important to me.”

And I would ask why, “Why is it important to you?” Similar to pulling a thread.

And so what I’m doing by these questions is I’m enriching the vision.

I’m adding clarity to the vision.

And if you’ve read Mach 2, you know how the process works. You know how the art works, you know how the science works. It’s not rocket science. Anybody can do it.

It’s just a matter of giving clarity to an idea.

So if you say to somebody, “Pay off my debts,” well that has a certain kind of clarity, but if the vision is I’m going to pay off all my debts, then to add clarity, I want to know, well, how much debt do you have?

So if somebody says, “I want to pay off all my debts and that’s $15,000.” that’s a certain level of clarity that’s much higher than I just want to pay off my debts, right? $15,000 quantifies it as much more clarity.

So another way to clarify it is, “Okay, that $15,000 in debt, Ryan, how much interest are you paying on that every month?” “Well, at 20%, that’s like $3,000 a year. That’s like $250 a month.

So let me get this straight, Ryan, you’re paying $250 a month to the man to know, to some bazillionaire who’s on a private island who loves debt. You know why he loves debt? Because he owns it. And the reason you don’t love that because you owe it.

Debt is an awesome thing.

You just got to own it, but you’re wiring $250 a month to this guy every month or this gal, every month and you’re getting nothing for it.”

So then see how that raises the level of clarity.

And the next question I might ask him his or her is: “what could you do with $250 a month right now, which is actually an after tax money, tax free? What would you do with $250 a month if, let’s say you started making $250 a month in this opportunity, the company sent you $250 every month. What would you do with it?”

And don’t let people get off the hook by saying, oh, I don’t know. Well then one of my trick questions is, “well, if you did know,” because they do know, they just want time to think about it. So just stay in there, lead people, coach people.

And so having say, well a $250 and remember you can’t pay off your debts because you already got them paid off.

So once you get these debts off, you’ve got $250 a month freed up extra money.

  • What are you gonna do with it?
  • What would it be like to have that money?

And you get somebody to say, well, maybe I’d save for a vacation. Well great, that’s like $3000 a year. So where can you and your family go for $3000 a year? You know how many families have as their number one bucket list go to Disneyland or Disney World, you can certainly go to Disneyland or Disney World for $3000 as a family.

So let’s say that’s the family’s dream.

And that goal is, oh, we could go to Disneyland. Well, you know, Mary, not only could you go to Disneyland, but you could go to Disneyland every year. You could go with the whole family every year for $3000.

  • So what’s your favorite ride at Disneyland?
  • Have you ever been to Disneyland?

Yes, no, whatever the answer is, it doesn’t matter.

So we’re talking about vision here.

So the first question was why did you get involved in the company? Well, to pay off my debts. That’s a certain level of vision, has a certain clarity, has a certain power to motivate. And five minutes later we’re talking about their favorite ride is Magic Mountain.

And what’s your favorite thing about the ride? Well, the idea that when you hit the water at the bottom, it splashes in your face.

You get the difference?

MLM Tip: This is how you motivate people.

So it’s just a series of questions and what you’re doing with these series of questions is if you can think about it, so think about this, okay?

You walked up to Mary, Mary is somebody on your team, she’s been on your team for a year. You walk up to her at a meeting or you call her up on the phone, or you text her or message her and say, “Hey, can we have a conversation?”

What I want you to think about is what Mary is thinking about,

  • what her vision is,
  • what’s going through her mind before you start this inquiry.

And I can promise you if she’s a 50 percenter or if she’s struggling, if she’s negative, if she’s worrying, she’s not thinking about Magic Mountain.

Not Magic Mountain but I don’t know.

Is that a ride?

Whatever the ride is Disneyland that goes through the water.

Magic Mountain is another theme park.

But she’s not thinking about that. She’s not thinking about the $250 a month. She could save for a vacation. She’s not thinking about all of her debts paid off. What she’s actually thinking about is how the debts are crushing her.

That’s what she’s thinking about.

She’s got a vision, but it’s basically a vision to be small and to be crushed and to be worried, to be sick and to be helpless and to be resigned about our debt.

That’s her vision. She might as well write it down. She might as well pull pictures out of magazines of being crushed and worried and you know, overcome and having your home repossessed. You might as well have pictures of that all of your house.

You might as well stand up every morning and recite, I’m depressed. I’m being crushed by death and I’m losing my house. You might as well, it’s a vision, so you might as well treat it like a vision because it is ruling your life like a vision.

So my point is when you first start this conversation with Mary, what do you think she’s talking about or thinking about in her mind?

It’s not Splash Mountain.

Thank you for whoever gave me that. It’s not a Splash Mountain. It’s debt.

That’s what she’s thinking about.

In a conversation of five minutes, you can change Mary’s body chemistry. Here’s the way the body operates as an organization, as a being, as the reason human beings rule the world, which is not necessarily a good thing because we also invented plastic, but the reason why is the way our organism works all the way through this brain; the brain in our gut, which is another mind, our emotions, our body chemistry is.

What separates us from all the other animals in the kingdom is we have the gift of creative thought.

network marketing leaders

We get to choose what we want to think.

When you ask these questions, you’re actually leading Mary through the conversation, you’re leading Mary to choose what to think by asking the question. She can’t ignore the thought because you asked the question, so you asked the question, “Why did you join to begin with?

What were you looking for to begin with?” the thought is there. I mean, she’s got to answer the question at least in her mind. She doesn’t have to tell you, but she’s going to visit the thought in her mind. You actually made the choice by asking the question.

As soon as she has the thought, pay off debt, maybe you take it to one level more, and you say, “What will that feel like to have your debts paid off,” and she can then answer.

She’s demonstrating why human beings rule the earth because she chose a thought of having her debts paid off, and that triggers an automatic seamless, immediate chain reaction in this being, and the chain reaction is first there’s a thought, and the way you and I think is we think in words, some of them are words, but the ones that are really powerful thoughts are the pictures or the little mini clips of a movie.

We have a thought, which is like a picture or a little movie that we watch, and then based on that story and our orientation to that story, the context of that story, it immediately triggers in our body the release of chemicals and release hormones that change our:

  • state
  • physical power
  • enthusiasm
  • everything

We can go from being curled up on the coach to conquering a mountain in five minutes by being empowered emotionally.

Emotion is those hormones. Motivating people triggers these emotions, and that is the root of the most powerful network marketing tip in existence.

It’s the body chemistry.

It’s just the chemicals that are flushed into our bloodstream that turn us into the powerhouses that move mountains that say, “We’re going to the moon.”

I promise you, John F. Kennedy was not depressed, curled up on the coach, worrying and thinking that life wasn’t going to work out at all for him as president when he said, “We’re going to the moon.”

Martin Luther King was not depressed and worried and resigned when he said, “I have a dream.”

These are the kinds of people throughout all of the history of man, Michelangelo, Steve Jobs, these are the people who said, “I’m going to create something that’s going to change the world,” and they empowered their bodies to do it.

How do you motivate somebody?

Can you and I motivate, can we motivate people?

That’s our job. That’s job number one.

If you’re a leader, your JOB is to motivate people.

Now, how do you do that?

Well, you cast a vision of where you’re going.

You create a vision that other people want to go with you, and then realize that you’re going to have some 50-percenters that say, “Okay, where do I sign, I’m fired up today.”

So then they sign up. You got some 47-percenters to say, “Yeah, let’s go,” but a week later, they’re struggling. Every once in a while, you get the three-percenter who just knocks it out of the park.

That’s team building.

Your job as a team builder is you’re not going to get it done with just the three because you don’t know where the three are going to come from. Your three percenters could come from some of your 50-percenters. They could come from some of your 47-percenters.

Your job as the network marketing leader is to motivate everybody to keep everybody in the game, to keep somebody like me at the age of 22 who was sick and broke and tired and depressed and angry and didn’t know anybody and didn’t have any credibility.

I had people that kept me in the game because they motivated me. Some of those people I knew, some of those people were just on audio tape.

That’s our job.

Our job as network marketing leaders is to motivate people.

We don’t motivate people by telling them what to do.

Sometimes, we can tell them what they can do by building belief, but the real art in motivating people is to ask them questions. Ask them questions that turn on the green light, change their body chemistry, flood their bloodstream with hormones, get them back on fire, and then make a request of them, which is,

“Okay, now that you’ve got Splash Mountain back on your mind, are you ready to get back to work?” Very often, they’ll say yes. That’s when you give them direction. That’s when you say, “Hey, here’s what we’re going to do. Here’s what you’re going to do tomorrow.”

You can’t ask somebody who’s in a funk to do something they’re not used to doing or they’re not good at doing.

You can tell people, “Hey, go to a meeting.” “I’m all depressed. I’m all … This isn’t working for me.” Well, go to an event. “I don’t want to go to an event.” You can ask people to … “Well, go talk to three people tomorrow.” They’re not going to talk to three people.

It’s important to get people motivated before you put an obstacle in front of them, before you put the path in front of them.

You need to get them back on fire!

Return them to the state in which they were in when they signed up to begin with because that’s the state where they said “I can do this!”

You need to bring them back to that state, bring them back to that story, bring them back to that place in time.

Just like any memory that you have, if you have a memory that’s a real powerful memory or a real sad memory, and I ask you enough questions about revisiting that, you’re going to feel how you felt on that day.

That’s how you motivate people. And being able to motivate is the true characteristic of network marketing leadership.

Just take them back to the time when they were the most on fire.

  • Might be the day they enrolled in their network marketing business.
  • It might be the day they advanced in rank in their mlm company.
  • It might be the day that they enrolled some network marketing superstar.

Ask them enough questions. Ask them to tell you a story. Take them back to that place and time where they were the most empowered in whatever it is you’re leading them in doing, and then when you get them back in that peak state, then ask them to do what they need to do tomorrow to move things forward.

You’ll be talking, at least in the moment, to a motivated person.

How do you get them to do it for their self? Well, one of the ways you could do it is you could get all the people that are committed to do something at all, get them a Mach 2.


Do a 30-day book study club.

Do a program where everybody’s reading a chapter every three days, and every three days, you have a Zoom, and you talk about the chapter, and you have everybody in the program create a new vision.

Then the next week, you have everybody go out and get videos and pictures and create a vision board.

Then the next week you have everybody record a video of their vision so they have that visual in their face. You teach them the art of vision and self-motivation. Do it in a group process so you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself.


I wanted to read a couple more of my favorite quotes. This is from Arthur Koestler, 1905-1983. He wrote the book The Sleepwalkers.

“Every creative act involves a new innocence of perception liberated from the cataract of accepted belief.”

Maybe somebody can put this in the comments so you can contemplate it because it’s deep. This is Arthur Koestler, K-O-E-S-T-L-E-R, from The Sleepwalkers.

“Every creative act involves a new innocence of perception, every creative act involves a new innocence of perception liberated from the cataract of accepted belief, liberated from the cataract of accepted belief.” Think about that. So profound.

You and I are stuck in our beliefs.

We’re stuck in that conversation unless somebody comes by and thumps our bowl, like flicks us on the ear or asks us some profound questions or gets in our face with some tough love or we get thrown in an opportunity where everybody around us is on fire and going after something exciting in life.

One of the most awesome things about network marketing is you take these 97-percenters that, out in the world, in the competitive world, alone in business, they’re not going to be inspired until I break out and do something extraordinary, but you drop them in a group of people that are super on fire, by osmosis, they learn to believe in themselves.

The reason we bring 50 people to events like The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing is they’re going to be dropped in to 5,000 on-fire women from around the world who are all pursuing the same thing, and they obviously have all different levels of belief and inspiration, but I’ll guarantee you that room is going to be a million times more belief-building and inspiring than if these 50 women and a couple of men that are at home watching TV.

That’s the power of events. Another powerful network marketing tip.

We’ll talk about that some other night though. All right, folks, thanks for reading.

I love you.

The Work is Worth It.

Richard Brooke.

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  1. “Every creative act involves a new innocence of perception liberated from the cataract of accepted belief.” I love this, thanks Richard! I found myself falling into a funk today–I needed this.

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