5 Mistakes That Can Ruin You in Network Marketing

I have seen thousands of talented, well-meaning Network Marketing leaders and hopeful leaders sabotage their careers, finances, relationships, reputations, and ultimately, their lives by falling victim to these 5 mistakes.

Network Marketing 2.0: A Manifesto

A viewpoint on how we can fix our failure rate as a profession while reinventing our relationship with the public, media, and regulators.

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Mistakes That Companies Make

45 years of perspective...I've made some of these mistakes personally and I'm not saying companies who do these things always fail. Some succeed in spite of these mistakes - at least for now ...

Wake Up Call

Looking for a way to connect and serve people. This short video will give your prospects a new perspective on Why Network Marketing is a great alternative to traditional sales.

Bob Proctor on Network Marketing

If you want to learn more about Network Marketing, please watch this video as I sought out to interview Bob Proctor on what he knew about the profession.

Les Brown on Why Network Marketing

If you want to learn more about Network Marketing, why you, and why now, then watch this interview I did with the crazy famous, global influencer, Les Brown.

How Network Marketing Works

Send this whimsical video to your leaders to get them motivated.


The Art of Who You Know ... NOT What You Believe!

Bliss Life Guided Visualization Series

RIchard will help you ignite your bliss during a fun, introspective 10-day audio series journey called The Bliss Life.

4 Ways to Increase Sales

You may want to watch this 20 minute rant on Richard's 4 ways to increase sales in Network Marketing

Retention Revenue Calculator

This tool is designed to reflect a percentage of the total active distributors that are enrolling an average of 12 new active customers a year. Enrolling does not actually happen via this calculation, but you can calculate from this metric what recruiting rate you will have or need to have to create growth.

Are You Likely to Succeed in Network Marketing?

Decades of experience recruiting, coaching, and training literally hundreds if thousands of distributors has led to a profile of who is likely to achieve their goals through a Network Marketing opportunity and who is not.

Financial Security Worksheet

It doesn't matter if you're 25 or 45, it might surprise you to learn just how much you must save and invest, starting now, to ensure that you can retire when and how you choose.

Listening Quiz

Listening is the key to good communication. Take this quiz to find out if you are a good listener

Value-Based Selling and Recruiting Quiz

Are you up to speed with value-based selling and recruiting? Are you an enroller or a recruiter? Do you influence people with integrity based on what is important to them, or based on what is important to you?

State of Motivation

Are you motivated to accomplish what you really want in life? Do you harness your personal power to get things done? Take this quiz to calculate your "state of motivation"