"Richard and Kimmy Brooke are shining examples of the kind of heart, passion, authenticity and integrity that is essential to succeed in Network Marketing."
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Sonia Stringer
The Women's Business Coach, Author of "The Ultimate Guide For Women In Network Marketing"
"In this economy you have to travel at Mach2. Richard teaches you to do it in an omni-effective, fun way."
Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Creator of “Chicken Soup for The Soul”
"Their books will help you define success on your own terms and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams."
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The Oola Guys
Co-authors of the international bestselling book "Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced Worldi
“Effective, powerful, insightful, authentic, honest, compelling, convincing, and motivating are just a few of the adjectives that describe The Four Year Career®. Richard and Kimmy's books are a 'gift' with a message of hope, belief, and inspiration, that encourage, and elevate others beyond what they ever thought possible.”
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Rita Davenport
CSP, CPAE, Retired President
“You definitely want to devour these books ASAP. Richard and Kimmy know how to make things happen in a major way when it comes to building a team. I meet a lot of people in my line of work as a Network Marketing trainer. Richard and Kimmy simply know how to get it done. Read these now.”
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Todd Falcone
Network Marketing Trainer & Entrepreneur
“As a team and personal prospecting tool, The Four Year Career is by far one of the best resources we have to educate people about Network Marketing. It makes the follow-up discussion easy and enjoyable!”
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Pamela & Kevin Barnum
Professional Network Marketers
“Mach2 is terrific! Not only is it a ‘must read’ for the brand new Network Marketing distributor, it is destined to be the handbook for seasoned veterans of the industry.”
Tom Chenault
Host of The Home-Based Business radio show and daily prime time
radio show Business for Breakfast
“I’ve read and reviewed most every book on personal development there is. I only give credence to books written by authors whose lives are a testimony to the principles they preach. I want to know the success principles that elevated someone from a chicken cutter earning $3.05 an hour to a multi-millionaire ... and you will too! In Mach2, Richard shares timeless principles to help you find the courage, motivation and pathway to greater success.”
Darren Hardy
Publisher, SUCCESS magazine
“The example of Richard Brooke’s dynamic, visionary leadership is what first awakened my interest in the field of Network Marketing. As his book makes clear, he’s committed to inspiring people – even outside his great company.”
Scott DeGarmo
Author of "Heart to Heart" & former Editor-in-Chief, SUCCESS magazine
“I can sincerely say that Richard Brooke has changed my way of thinking more than anyone. I will always be grateful to Richard for making me a better person.”
gale sayers
Gale Sayers
NFL Hall of Fame Running Back – Chicago Bears
“Before every game, I would visualize how I would react in different situations on the ice. Mach2 will teach you how visualization can separate you from the rest and give you the edge needed to succeed.”
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Adam Deadmarsh
2002 Olympic Silver Medalist, Hockey; Stanley Cup Winner,
Colorado Avalanche; Stanley Cup Playoff MVP, Los Angeles Kings
“Richard Brooke’s Mach2 is extraordinary. I loved it.”
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Dan Quayle
44th Vice President of the United States
“The number one thing I look for in people I come across in Network Marketing is integrity. Integrity is why Richard Brooke has become a legend in the Network Marketing field. Combine that with the fact that he is one of the few who has been successful both as a distributor in the field and an executive in the home office and you will see why Richard is regularly recognized by industry leaders as one of the best! Get his books, go to his seminars, subscribe to his newsletters. Get all you can from Richard!”
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John Beutler
#1 Agent in the world for Century 21, 2003 & 2005
“I recommend Mach2 to everyone. The book offers many points to ponder. One of my favorites is the distinction of knowing who you are and where you want to go in your life. You must DECIDE and ACT.”
bill morrow mlm leader top earner
Bill Morrow
Owner of 17 Red Robin restaurants Founder, The Quarry at La Quinta & Branson Creek Golf Club
“Absolutely incredible!”
john addison mlm leader speaker
John Addison
Former Co-CEO of Primerica, the largest term life insurance company in the world; Author of "Real Leadership"
“Passion and a belief in each individual’s potential seem to jump out of Richard Brooke’s book. Reading it is both adventurous and a career map.”
Rick Goings
Chairman & CEO, Tupperware Brands Corporation; Former President, Avon Germany and Avon USA
“I work with the Franklin-Covey organization in their Personal Coaching Division. We handled the coaching for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Tom Hopkins, Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Stephen Covey. Richard’s book quickly became a ‘must read’ item for our team. It has been a powerful tool in my personal life and I have watched it plant that all-important seed of hope and belief into other people’s lives.”
Dennis Walker
Salt Lake City, UT
“I got a lot from Mach2 and borrowed some of Richard’s quotes for an offsite strategy session I facilitated. This book is so good that I ordered a few copies for my friends and family.”
Charles Orr
Former President, Shaklee Corporation; Direct Selling Association Hall of Fame member
“Mach2 is absolutely brilliant. I don’t know a person in the world who wouldn’t benefit from reading it and building a bigger vision, then manifesting it into their life!”
randy gage mlm top earner
Randy Gage
Author of "Risky is the New Safe" and "Mad Genius"
“Vision is the cornerstone of all achievement. And Richard Brooke’s Mach2 is far and away the most clear, compelling, complete and immediately useful, results-getting work on vision ever written!”
John Milton Fogg
Founder of Upline® & Network Marketing Lifestyles; Author of "The Greatest Networker in the World" and "The Inner Game of Network" Marketing
“Richard Brooke captures the essence of success principle No. 1: You’ve got to believe it before you will see it. Through his own experiences, he comes to life in a brilliantly simple, thought-provoking, powerful message about developing a new belief system. He grabs you from page one.”
carol anton mlm top earner
Carol Anton
The former number ONE Sales Director in the world, Mary Kay, Inc. Retired
“I’ve been a student of Richard Brooke since 1995, when I was introduced to his work through a Vision Workshop. Hearing Mach2 on audio is like reliving that workshop and getting the power of repetition and reinforcement. The first CD alone I listened to three times to get the strategies for creating a vision locked in, so I could pass them on to people I meet around the world. I will recommend Mach2 as long as I have breath.”
Mark “Google Superman” Davis
Public Speaker, Coach & Author of "The Internet Success Secret"
“Our work at Human Potential is intended to help companies shape their future. This involves work on values, vision, mission, strategy and generating the competence to implement them. Our clients include companies like Microsoft, Intel, EDS, Capital One and Amgen. Mach2 is a must-read for anyone who wants to get it quickly, clearly and powerfully!”
Chris Majer
CEO, Human Potential Project
“Richard Brooke is that rarest phenomenon: a philosopher who spends as much time working as thinking. The result is a book that has been lived and is a life success guide that keeps it real. Real world, real time, real practical and powerful.”
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Clifton H. Jolley, PhD
President, Advent Communications Amazon Book Review Beaumont
“Richard Brooke has polished the art of motivating people who are unsatisfied with their lives. He condenses a life of work and teaching into a manual for CHANGE through embracing vision and motivation ... the most solid formula for achieving success in finding and becoming the person you want to be.”
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Grady Harp
Rated as a Top 10 Reviewer, Amazon.com
“I have become an evangelist for Mach2! It is a very informational read. I share this book with my business prospects so they will have a tool to transform their lives and reach whatever goals they choose.”
Mark Beaumier, Jr.
Painesville, OH
“Richard Brooke is well-known in my organization for many years. I bought hundreds of copies of Mach2 in Russian translation, and this outstanding book has rendered enormous influence on the outlook of my downline.”
Roman Sobolevsky
Lvov, Ukraine
“I loved Mach2. Richard captures the laws of attraction and action wonderfully. I am giving it to all my agents.”
john beutler mlm leader mlm top earner
John Beutler
#1 Agent in the world for Century 21, 2003 & 2005
“Richard Brooke’s Mach2 is the most valuable gift I have ever received. His personal story and interesting analogies truly reach his readers!”
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