The Power of Pace

The Power of Pace

“The secret to making the compounding effect work for you … is that first, you have to break through inertia.”  – Richard Bliss Brooke

Launching a Network Marketing sales group is much like pushing a car over a very slight hill. Imagine that you ran out of gas as you were driving up a hill. At the top of the hill the road becomes flat for some period of time and then slightly descends to the bottom of the hill where there is a gas station. Your mission is to get out of the car, get it rolling up the slight hill, to the top, and keep it going on the flat section until you crest the hill. Then you hop in and go for the ride of your life.


Another example is getting a plane to take off. It requires FULL POWER until rotation speed or liftoff. You cannot start and stop or give it half power. You will never get it off the ground.

Network Marketing is the same. In the beginning, you will exert the most amount of effort promoting the product and enrolling new people for the least amount of return. Once you get things rolling, it will take less effort, but you must still keep pushing to keep it going. Once you gain momentum, you just hop in and enjoy the ride. 

Momentum happens at different times in different companies. You will know it when you are in it. You will not be able to keep up with the requests people have for you, and your group will be on fire.

It is the low return on effort in the beginning that leads most people to give up. They do not have the vision and belief in the payoffs on the other side. Do you?


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  1. Great topic Richard!

  2. I love this! I use the hill analogy all the time but never thought of a plane needing full power and throttle. I like that better because you still have to put in effort to stay at a cruising altitude. My company is going through some good adjustments and I’ve renewed my Belief in myself and my team to cruise to a new higher altitude!

  3. Hey Richard! Love you and Kimmy and are so thankful for you both!! I can’t wait to meet y’all one day in person!!! My wife Laura and I are with you in Young Living – currently at Senior Star – and including us, we have 20 people on our team with 11 currently on ER. ( I retired from the Coast Guard last summer after 25 1/2 years). The main issue we seem to be having is that we can’t get anyone on our team to get past their fears, or whatever it is, to share the products of our amazing company (we only have 1 level 2 member and that’s because when one of our friends signed up, she also signed up her mom at the same time under her). It’s very frustrating and we are desperately looking at ourselves to see if we are growing and stretching to be better personally. Anyways, if you have time to reach out, we would be beyond grateful to hear from you!!! Again, we appreciate everything that you guys do for the network marketing industry and are so thankful for y’all!!! All the best my friend!! Brian Tarkenton

  4. I love your class. It is absolutely the best one I have ever done… not that many but I was skeptical. Thanks for doing this.

  5. Richard, great information! Listened to them all! I get it, “motivation” & just “do the work!” Today, I learned I haven’t fully owned the business model & I love the idea of hiring a student (s) to help me with the technology, House & Farm chores! WOW! I really, honestly never thought of it as investing in myself! I loved the 3 in 30 conversation! I’m pulling that “lever!” I believe I’m worth many of these great tips, ideas & that “I matter in the success of my business & life!” Hahahahaha! Funny, you really can teach an old dog new tricks! Love & hugs to both you & Kimmy! ❤️

  6. This is the most honest book about Multi Level Marketing I ever read in 14 years plus! Thank you, Richard!

  7. This is most honest book about Multi Level Marketing I ever read in over 14 years I am in MLM business! Thanks, Richard!

  8. This is so helpful with so much personal growth in all aspects of my life! Thank you!!

  9. Richard, your webinar and posts have put inspiration and motivation back into my life. My vision is clearer and I have learned What actions I need to take and am doing it! I was floundering and now I have direction! Thank you, thank you, thank you !

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