The Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Will Set You Free

The truth setting you free. We’ve all heard that cliché, we’ve probably also heard that the truth will set you free but not before it makes you really mad!

What does that mean, that the truth will set you free?

We all have a comfort zone. 

A comfort zone is that bubble around us filled with habits that we have, the things that we’re good at, the things that we believe about ourselves and about the world.

We don’t like to go outside that comfort zone because we don’t know what’s out there. It threatens our confidence, our competency, what we believe, our identity, and who we are.

So we stay in our comfort zone, right?

The drawback of staying in your comfort zone is that when it comes to anything, whether it’s fitness or income or relationships; you’ve probably already maxed out.

Here’s something I want you to think about:

You’ve probably already maxed out everything you can do in fitness, income, relationship, and any other area of your life you want to work on, inside your comfort zoneYou’re there already.

So any more work that you do, it’s not really going to do that much good because it’s the same stuff over and over again. Right?

If you want to have a breakthrough, you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone, right? The crux of a breakthrough is accepting something that maybe you’ve toyed with as a truth, but you haven’t been willing to accept, embrace, and operate out of. 

So let’s answer that question; what does it mean that the truth will set you free? Well, you need to adopt a new truth. Find a truth that’s in you already but you’ve been denying, fighting against, and hiding in your closet. It may be something you don’t want anybody to find out about. If you can accept that truth then you’ll see a breakthrough.

The breakthrough is, in essence, your comfort zone expanding.

Now all of a sudden you’re in a new realm
You’re in a new
doing new things.
saying new things.
seeing the world in a new way.

We all want to be free. So what’s holding us back? Why are we holding on to the old truth?

One word. Ego.

What is ego? Well, I suppose there are all kinds of definitions of it. When I was growing up, ego was like an overabundance of pride and false confidence, but what I’ve come to accept about ego is that it’s a piece of our brain that is addicted and fighting for its life to be right.

So if you are operating out of a truth that the world won’t let you, you’ve tried really hard, you have circumstances that you can’t overcome; it’s your ego’s job to make sure you’re right. But what if you flirt with the truth that you could do it anyway? Other people do it anyway all the time.

Other people have built ginormous empires in Network Marketing while giving birth to a child every year. I’ve seen people on stage with seven kids under the age of 9 whose businesses are doing 2-3 million a month in sales. And they built the whole thing while having kids! I have no idea how they do it, but it’s proof it can be done.

If you get to know somebody like that, do you think they’re operating from a truth that they can’t do it because the world won’t let them? Do they have these circumstances that are holding them back or they’ve tried really hard and it’s not working?

NO, they don’t have that truth. What truth do they have? Do it anyway. 

I love Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It,” but I think it’s missing a word that holds so many of us back and that’s our excuses, our stories, right? Our truths. 

So how about create a slogan of “Just Do It Anyway.”

What does anyway mean? Well, I know it might be hard. It’s only hard because you’re not in the habit of doing it. It’s only hard because you’re not in love with the process, right? That’s the only time things are hard. So, okay, it’s hard right now. 

Everything you’ve ever learned to do was hard when you first learned how to do it, right? Remember learning how to ride a bike? Remember learning how to walk? You probably don’t, but hard, right? Step, step, face plant, step, step, face plant, step, step, face plant. That sounds hard. Get on the bike, fall off the bike, skin your knee, get on the bike, fall off the bike, skin your knee. Hard, right?

School maybe was hard, relationships were hard. Everything we’ve ever learned to do was hard, but notice how it got easier and it actually got fun. Then we actually got to where it is part of our identity, it’s part of our habit. It’s just who we are and what we do now because we got good at it.

If your story is, “I’m trying my best, but it’s hard.” Do it anyway, because everything you’ve ever done was hard anyway. Right?

Do you have a little truth floating around that you entertain every once in a while, but you eventually shut it down? Who shuts it down? What shuts it down? Actually, your ego shuts it down, because your ego is designed or wired to keep you being right

That’s how our ego survives and rules the roost, by being right. Really, you’re in a battle with yourself your whole life.

I’m not suggesting you get out of your comfort zone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of your life, but how about every other month or how about 90 days a year or how about 10 days a month you work on exploding out of your comfort zone? 

Then guess what? You spend the next 20 days in a new comfort zone, but it’s a bigger comfort zone, so you’re operating at a higher level.

Here is your assignment for today: write down some things that you flirt with on occasion that are true about you, but you’ve been in denial about them.

They might scare you, they’re uncomfortable. If they were true, life might be different for you. What are those things?

Some of them might just be character traits that are holding you back. Like maybe you’re addicted to drama and you kind of know that, but you haven’t accepted that. But if you did accept it, then you’d do something about it, right? 

50% of the battle of change is recognizing what it is that we need to change.

Maybe you’re addicted to talking all the time. You’re in front of somebody else and if we recorded you, you’re talking to somebody for 10 minutes on Zoom, or the phone, or person to person. If we actually recorded you, 90% of the time you’d be talking. Talking about you, your products, talking about this, talking about that. But to have a breakthrough in enrollments and relationships, you need to accept the truth that 90% of the time you need to be asking questions and listening.

About the only time you need to be talking is when the other person asks you to talk, then you need to be brief. If you’re addicted to talking, you’ve probably had that truth flirt with you, but what did you do? You shut it down, you pushed it away. “No, no, no, no. I don’t talk that much.”

That’s the ego in play. How do you have a breakthrough? You’ve got to wrestle with that ego. You’ve got to ask what’s more important, having a breakthrough or being right?

Maybe you’re addicted to the negativity. You’re always looking for why it won’t work, always looking for the worst in people. 

Maybe you’re addicted to the drama, you like to post all your drama on Facebook and get people to feel sorry for you. 

Maybe you lie all the time. Right? 

Maybe you just do things when nobody’s looking that you’re not proud of

There’s a million things about our character that if we accepted the truth about them it would set us free, but not before it kind of makes us mad.

The work is worth it,

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