United We Stand … Divided We Fall

United We Stand … Divided We Fall

I asked one overzealous leader (trying to recruit every other MLMer into his company) once what he thought would happen if everyone in every other company joined him in his. After all, that is what he seemed to be wanting.

“My company is the best. My comp plan is the best. My products are the best. My company is growing the fastest.”

He replied, of course, that everyone joining him would be great. He would then have the biggest MLM team in the world.

I asked him then what he thought would happen to all the other companies … all 3,000 of them if everyone joined him instead. He had not thought about that. So, I shed some “shade.”

They would all go out of business … all 3,000 of them and every new company that launched would too. The reputation of our profession would be 3,000 times worse than it is now. Your company, however, would be doing about $200 billion a year in sales and you, of course, would be earning maybe a billion a year. I suppose that is a good outcome for you.

Except, what do you think the government’s around the world would do to a company that was the ONLY company utilizing a model that they didn’t particularly care for? Here is some shade … they would shut it down in a heartbeat.

And, even if they didn’t, what do you think would happen to the culture of your company if it didn’t have any competition? Do you think it would continue to innovate and get sharper in its business excellence or get fat, lazy and eventually corrupt?

I think he got the point … at least for the moment. However, my experience says he quickly went on about his business of trying to kill everyone else’s dream to further his own.

There are a thousand different versions of this person … some overtly stupid and rude, and some very smart and subtle. There are even whole communities and platforms that cater to them that call themselves “Business from Home,” but what they really do is stage cage fights between companies. Everyone loves a good cage fight, blood and all. A winner and a loser.

I have never found solace in imagining the demise of others … okay—occasionally, if I really despise them. But, that is my dark side and my career has always been about feeding the light in me.

The light in me wants every legitimate company to succeed beyond its community’s wildest dreams. The light in me wants to see most people earning at least a little extra income promoting a product they love … a few billion of them. 1,000 times more than we have now. I know that will never happen with one company having the lion’s share. It will only happen with thousands of companies succeeding.

And, what about the companies that are not so legitimate? Do I want them to go out of business? No. Their distributors do not know there is something wrong. They do not know what they do not know. They love their company. Failure just adds to the stigma of our profession and destroys tens of thousands of dreams. I want those companies to see a better way … to see perhaps that companies that enhance our reputation are growing faster and enjoying a beautiful public perception. I want to influence them to change with us.

My Network Marketing career has certainly evolved in the last 43 years. The first ten years were all about me. I built a very successful team, but it did not last. I chose the wrong company. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

So, I bought a failing MLM company with the Vision of making it the role model of our profession. It became a beautiful company, so stellar in so many ways. Except, it never got big enough to make an impact.

Next, I started a new one. It was even better … a true renaissance company. I sold it in 2017 to an MLM company that had proven it was better at “owning” a company than I was … 1,000 times better. I have failed my way forward for 43 years.

While I am a sales leader in that company now, my primary passion is to help lead our profession to the promised land … the promise that we have all made to everyone we have ever recruited or trained. The promise that they made a good decision and they too can find freedom, abundance, and integrity in this profession.

A culmination of that Vision is The United Invitational. Maybe it will fail forward too, but I can assure you it will leave its mark.

Here is the Vision … let me know if it inspires you.

  1. An event with a truly collaborative culture. 100 small teams coming together to love, honor, cherish and champion each other with a deep respect for each other’s products and opportunity. Not a shred of “hopefully someday you will join my team if I build a strong enough relationship with you.” Our culture of calling that kind of crap out will be so strong that no one dares even think it. And, we WILL celebrate your company. Wear your swag and drink or eat or slather on your product. Secrecy does not prevent competition, it actually encourages it.
  2. A platform where 100 founders can bring their newest, best, and brightest. And, weld them together in a “one for all and all for one team of empire builders.” Your team will leave with a new spirit of one team one dream in their hearts and a clear Vision of what they will do to manifest it.
  3. A pitchless, safe place to bring your team. Where they don’t go home burdened with level 2, 3, and 4 programs. No pitch to buy next year’s tickets. No manipulation to buy anything. The event either inspires repeat attendance or it does not.
  4. Speakers that honor professionalism. Leaders who don’t feel the need to F-bomb the audience. I am not a prude, I am just a professional with standards that lift people. There are enough leaders in our world that drive people to a new low as normal. Not because they have to, but because they are lazy and addicted to impact.
  5. A celebration of those that earn $1,500 to $10,000 a month. Sure we know the more of them we have, the more 7-figure earners we have. However, we don’t actually need any more 7 figure earners. I have met very few 7 figure earners that were actually worth that in the leadership and character they provided. Those of us at the top are overpaid and we know it. Those of you that create that income for us are usually underpaid, and we know it. Flaunting our Rolls Royces, $20k watches, and $5k shoes actually degrades our profession … just like it has for the last 70 years. Some of us are slow learners. What you will find at United is humility, not modesty. Just humility, gratitude, and a fierce focus on teaching those coming up how to get free.
  6. Legacy companies leading the way. You won’t find any crypto, forex trading amateurs here. They are not invited. I don’t care how much money they make. If your product doesn’t stand a chance of being in demand 50 years from now you are not building a Network Marketing empire, you are building a pyramid scheme. No schemes allowed.
  7. A true skill-based workshop environment. 30 minutes of instruction, 30 minutes of workshopping, 30 minutes of coaching & debriefing with volunteers. Your teams will learn how to be a networkercurious about others, authenticmotivated from within, an extraordinary listener, a coach, and a planner/tracker succeeding on purpose or by design. This is what it means to be a Network Marketing professional.
  8. No night sessions. Your nights are free. Friday is Team Night where we encourage you to take your team to dinner. Bond with them, celebrate them, love them, and create an extraordinary Vision with them. Saturday night will be fun-tastic with my favorite live band all the way from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and a magnificent costume party. Join us if that inspires you or go do your own thing on Saturday night.
  9. The speakers … oh, the amazing speakers. And, somewhat controversial. As I am the only speaker … with a powerful sprinkling of Kimmy. Why only us? Simple. It’s not because many in attendance are not powerful speakers or because I don’t know lots of very powerful speakers. But, simply to remove the politics of who speaks out. I don’t have to say no to individuals that would only be speaking in order to sell you something. I don’t have to honor the great leaders who are not actually great speakers. I don’t have to vet their presentations only to have them do something else. I don’t have to endure surprises and neither do you. I know it can land as narcissistic, but this is not a political event. This is a highly controlled environment where I know the outcome for your people. I trust it, so I can ask you to trust it.
  10. A year-long community learning experience. The United Invitational Facebook group will be loaded with inspirational and educational content all year. Before the event and after the event. Everyone who is registered will be allowed to join the group … forever, even if they don’t come back.

If this inspires you, I invite you to apply to be a Founder. Bring your 9 best up and coming leaders … and their spouses. If you have more than 9, submit your biggest team leader to be a Founder, as you can only buy ten tickets. No more. No less.

There will only be 1,000 or fewer distributors in attendance. The event is capped intentionally as I don’t want to spend any energy promoting it to be the biggest nor do I want you to. There is room for 350 spouses … married couples of any persuasion. If you are not married and want to bring your spouse, get married by May 1st. Or set the wedding date for the event and I will marry you (I’m ordained  😀).

Here is how you apply: Visit www.unitedinvitational.com and request your invite.

Here is how you spread the word to like-minded leaders: Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter.

Here is how you opt-out of any more Vision casting about it from me: visit the opt-out page.

The work is worth it,

P.S. Comment below! Tell us your thoughts about this event. Do you have a team that you envision bringing to something like this?

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  1. I would give you my left arm to be there if you would take it as full payment because every last spare dime we have is invested in our business that after 27 years of false teaching has only created a job that barely meets budget. Your teaching over the last 3 months is slowly changing all that from Direct Selling products to Network Marketing by learning how to build a team that support others to succeed. All the very best for the event- be great to be ‘there’ by World-wide Webinar. We are slow learners brain-washed by convention.

  2. Just the facts mam. Just the facts!
    Love everything about this Richard. I have a world convention ending one week before, but am still working towards putting a team together to attend.


  4. Sounds like you’ve taken all network marketing events and finessed them down to a science..like everything I’ve read.

  5. I would love to bring my team to this event, but I guess it depends on the price. A lot of my partners are only starting out in network marketing so money is a big issue, plus flight and hotel. If it’s affordable, I would definitely be bringing everyone! Thanks for all you do, Richard!

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