Gary Montalvo and Dawn Speaks- LimeLife by Alcone

Gary Montalvo and Dawn Speaks- LimeLife by Alcone

Mindset is the magic sauce that makes things happen in network marketing. Get a deep-dive on the subject with this dynamic duo from LimeLife by Alcone.

Gary Montalvo and Dawn Speaks are a dynamic business duo at a company called LimeLife by Alcone. Gary is the Chief Growth Officer and Dawn is the Regional Director. They first came on my radar when I was at a Direct Selling University presentation. The MC was talking about how their messaging is so powerful that it’s spreading like wildfire across the industry. So of course, I had to bring them on my show so you could hear their stories for yourself! 

One of the big things they focus on is mindset. So many people have a scarcity mindset about direct sales, with thoughts like, “I’m not one of ‘those’ people” or “I can’t handle rejection.” Gary and Dawn break down those barriers, believing if you give someone the right mindset, they’ll shoot like a rocket.

During this talk, you’ll also gain insight on how to OWN that you’re a network marketer, to lead with what you’re afraid of, and above all else, get your butt to work! Gary and Dawn have embraced the opportunity side of network marketing, and after listening to this, you may just do the same.



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