One-on-One Transformational Coaching

Transform who you are BEING to manifest your every vision.

4 Reasons You Need One-on-One Coaching

Break free of self-limiting beliefs, barriers & leadership plateaus

Create visions that embrace your natural gifts & life purpose

Gain confidence & clarity as you explore your authentic self

Transform your way of being & how you show up in the world

Coaching Is the Smartest Investment You Can Make

No elite athlete has ever achieved success without a coach. But when it comes to business and leadership, why don’t more people see coaching as a NECESSITY versus a luxury?

Perhaps it all feels too personal. Too uncomfortable. Too much “being held accountable.”

But if you’re among the elite who invests in coaching, here’s what I can promise you if you commit to the work: a quantum-leap breakthrough in ALL areas of your life: your income, your leadership, your peace of mind, your relationships, your work/life balance, and your FUN. (Fun is way underrated, don’t you think?)

The Distinction of an Ontological Coach

As an ontological coach, I’m not a business consultant, mentor or cheerleader. Instead, I focus on your state of being to create profound, sustainable change in your life.

Being frustrated, angry, resentful, resigned, or worried won’t manifest the leadership results you want. Being confident, peaceful, joyful, grateful, optimistic, courageous, and highly self-motivated WILL produce the results you want.

I will coach you to these states of being and guide you in your vision. You’ll let go of behaviors and patterns that don’t serve you, identify your limiting beliefs, and reformulate the stories that have been keeping you stuck. You’ll start viewing your success as inevitable, where you move effortlessly toward your goals.

Who Is Transformational Coaching For?

Vision work is deeply personal as we peel back the emotional layers. It is not for the faint of heart – it’s for people up to something big or ready for big-time change. If you’re coachable and looking to create 5–10x the abundance in your life and leadership, let’s talk. We’ll stay on the coaching journey together as long as you’d like. There are NO contracts or long-term commitments.

Coaching Will Not Work for You If:

  • You can't be 100% honest
  • You aren't willing to step out of your comfort zone
  • You're looking for short-term fixes or situational band-aids
  • You believe you aren't getting results because it's someone else's fault
  • You won't quit procrastinating (I'll do what my coach says tomorrow, next time ... aka, never)

What Coaching Clients Are Saying ...

Share Hope Not Hype

"I’ve used him consistently for coaching, training calls, and boot camps. He keeps it real with hands on stories and role playing that everyone can relate to. I also appreciate that Richard shares my “Share Hope Not Hype” business philosophy."

Donna Johnson
NVP, Arbonne, Cave Creek, AZ

You Owe It To Yourself

"As a coaching client, Vision workshop attendee, and having attended a Men's retreat with Richard, I can emphatically say that his work is 5 STAR and you owe it to yourself to experience it all!"

– Dr. Ken Kochman
OPTAVIA™, Las Vegas, NV

Stronger Belief In Myself

"His powerful and unique coaching style combines, no BS, no judgment along with powerful strategies to grow my team. He showed me how to have a stronger belief in myself, to be more authentic and vulnerable."

Loren Robin
Modere, Newport Beach, CA

Instrumental In My Development

"Richard Brooke has an amazing ability to dig deep and profoundly impact both the immediate and the long term. He has been instrumental in both my personal and professional development."

– Rich Razgaitis
CEO / Co-Founder at FloWater, Denver, CO

So Empowering

"As leaders, we are always learning and as entrepreneurs we need to surround ourselves with the best. I'm now being coached by Richard as well, his knowledge and wisdom is priceless. I have never felt so empowered about this industry."

– Scott Campbell
Arbonne, Worsley, UK



For just $5,000 a month, you can receive phenomenal personal coaching with Richard.

3 one-hour Zooms per month and unlimited email access. You can use your time for yourself, your spouse, your team, or a key player in your life.

There are no contracts – work with Richard when he has availability and when you are ready to invest and grow.


It doesn't matter where you are in life or which stage of success you are in. The main qualification is that you have a long-term vision.


Apply for One-On-One Leadership & Breakthrough Coaching

How much is your state of being costing you right now? In your relationships? In your team’s morale? In your customer base? A lack of direction may already be costing you a great deal. Let’s change that.

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