Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire
Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire
Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire
Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire
Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire
Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire
Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire
Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire

Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire

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Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire: How To Master Self-Motivation & Stay On Fire For Life! BRAND NEW totally rewritten 25th Anniversary Edition of this bestselling book is here!

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4 Reasons Mach2 Is a Game Changer

Unlock the Secrets to Creating a New Vision

Share Your Natural Gifts With the World

Tap an Endless Flow of Self-Motivation

Decide Who You Want to Become

Start Living the Life You Want

Do you feel like life is passing you by … that everything you want to have, do and BE will never happen?

Are you settling for the “same old, same old” instead of actively designing your destiny?

Maybe you’re a victim of your own self-defeating talk and sabotage.

If you're ready for REAL CHANGE, start moving at the speed of Mach2.


You'll Discover How To:

✔️ Unleash the powers of Self-Motivation to move naturally and effortlessly toward your goals

✔️ Identify who you are at the core: your authentic values, gifts, strengths and life purpose

✔️ Create a new Vision (mindset) that’s habitual and powerfully imprinted

✔️ Flex your imagination muscle to program your spirit for success

✔️ Fall in love with the daily zone you need to be in

Focus Your Light

When you focus light, it can cut through steel. Discover how to focus on the ONE THING that will compound your goal quickly and create lasting change.

Not only that, but you’ll actually have FUN doing your daily actions. No more “HAVE TOs,” boredom or burnout on your path to success.

Decide Who You Want to Become

Mach2 is filled with thought-provoking, hands-on exercises that will guide you in identifying who you want to become and exactly how to make it happen.

This “new you” won’t be held back by negative self-talk and the stories you’ve told yourself on repeat your whole life. You’ll dig deep to uncover your natural gifts and talents and create a vivid and empowering vision that lets them shine. 

Tap an Endless Flow of Self-Motivation

Learn how to harness the powers of enthusiasm, courage, persistence, physical energy, and creativity to propel you naturally and effortlessly toward your goals ... like your hair’s on fire!

When you’re self-motivated, the obstacles that used to keep you stuck or wanting to QUIT will no longer factor into your world. You’ll program your self-conscious mind (the most powerful part of yourself!) to see only green lights on your path to achievement.

From your relationships to your leadership, every aspect of your life can change for the better when you’re a master of self-motivation.

Why Is Vision and Self-Motivation So Important?

Watch this quick video to learn why I wrote Mach2 and how it will ignite your path to personal fulfillment, freedom, fun, and success.

Top Endorsements

Reconsidering Beliefs

“ Through his own experiences, he comes to life in a brilliantly simple, thought-provoking, powerful message about developing a new belief system. He grabs you from page one.”

– Carol Anton
The number ONE Sales Director in the world, retired Mary Kay, inc.

Highly Recommend

"I highly recommend Richard's book to anyone wanting to master their own motivation and accomplishments."

– John Elway
Super Bowl MVP & NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback
Executive Vice President and General Manager – Denver Broncos

Heighten Confidence

“Jam-packed with compelling facts and stories, Mach2 is a no BS, tell-it-like-it-is powerhouse of a book. Read this, and you’ll be more confident than ever in the future of your business.”

— Sonia Stringer

Author, The Ultimate Guide for Women in Network Marketing
San Diego, California

Complete Masterpiece

“I just read your Mach2 book, and it is a masterpiece … head and shoulders above the rest of the motivation books I have read.”

– Harvey Mackay
Author of the bestselling books Swim with the Sharks Without BeingEaten Alive and The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World

Love It

"I could tell when I read the book that Richard has a passion for changing people’s lives. I respect him and his work and thank him for the difference and impact he’s making in people’s lives and businesses.”

– Les Brown
Author of the bestselling book Live Your Dreams

Results & Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 215 reviews
Tom Chenault
Mach2 Hair on Fire!

I love the book because it dives deep into human nature and the why behind why we do things. It is a masterpiece. For sure.

Bob Priest
Body on Fire

I’ve been listening to audio over and over for months, but felt (as a guy) I needed the visual part. I really love the book, each chapter just keeps giving me more to digest. I really like the workbook layout so I can write during my listening and or reading. It’s a simple but powerful book. The ingredients for us to “become” is in every chapter. Thank you for writing this, it’s what I’ve needed to reach my next level. Bob

Michelle Mangrum

It seemed like it took forever to get the book - but who can control Mother Nature and snow storms in the midwest? LOL.
I now have 3 versions of this book. I am liking the new one (Yellow book, red lettering) but for me it is missing the "essence" of the back stories. Those stories (from a paper version (not paperback or hard cover book) - not book version from maybe 2004?) helped "glue" so many things together for me.
The Exercises in this NEW book are wonderful!
4 star today - could be 5 star.

Talita Lathan

Haven’t read the book yet

Lydia Rieu
Mach2 with your hair on fire

Love the personal deep soul digging spaces to answer questions. This book completely challenges me to step into all I can be! So greatful for the book!

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