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Are You Ready To Live Your Life On Fire?

The Mach2 Vision Training


Are You Ready To Live Your Life On Fire?

Make This YOUR Year for Total Transformation

  • • Falling in love with the process
  • • Difference between desire & self-motivation
  • • Importance of FUN in your spiritual awakening
  • • 5 energies of Self-Motivation … and how to unleash them powerfully in your life
  • • Reviewing the script … how did you get to where you are?
  • • How to replace your OLD Vision with an empowering NEW one
  • • The role of belief in knocking your goals out of the park
  • • How to hit the “imagination gym” to manifest your Vision
  • • Uncover who the “Authentic You” really is
  • • Your theme song and natural gifts – what are they?
  • • Are you operating with Red Lights, Yellow Lights or Green Lights?
  • • How to craft a new Vision that’s habitual and life changing


  • External vs. Internal Motivations
  • Authentic Values vs. Imposed Values
  • Your Natural Gifts Exercise
  • Your Theme Song or Life Purpose Exercise
  • Crafting Your Vision

Hear What Customers Have to Say ...   


"Our team got a tremendous amount from this training series and we believe the environment we set up for them all to watch it helped with their absorption of the content delivered in the videos. We broke it up over an afternoon, gave them all the opportunity to go away and do the exercises, and come back to watch the next module."

Andrew & Tamlyn Samuel

Arbonne, Berwick, Australia


"When I did this vision training experience I realized this paradigm that not only had I constructed, but also had picked up from my family, that was really holding me back. Now I have the tools, the power, and the ability to deconstruct that story and to construct a story that motivates me. I'm on my way to new heights and success in my business that I've been long for."

Leslie Burris

Young Living, Tampa, FL


"This course gave me more certainty and clarity in my business. It taught me to respect and fall in love with the process. Many times I was scared to write a vision because I just felt it had to be perfect. But with Richard's course it taught me step by step how to set up my vision, how to create it, and to keep it up."

Rav Malik

Unicity, Richmond Hill, ON


"I realized that when I felt good about something, I knew it was going to turn out well. I am looking at pictures of groups talking, one on ones talking, smiling, visualizing many people in my house looking forward to hearing about my business, generating excitement and anticipation." 

Sean Graham

SendOutCards, Kennesaw, GA


"Richard's very gifted at not beating around the bush and taking us to the core of our visions through an angle that answers a lot of questions as to why we're stuck and the importance of changing up the stories that we have been telling ourselves for years, in business and other areas of our lives."

Ruth Bell

Shaklee, Peoria, IL


"I learned instead of reading 30 books on personal development for right now, I'm going to master Mach 2 until I can teach it. You can basically train your subconscious to believe anything if you repeat it to yourself enough, so I'm very excited about refining the Vision video I've recorded and begun putting it together."

Landen Ward

Young Living, Conway, AR

Mach2 Vision Training

Reality Check: We all desire the quick fix, but change is a process. It's WORK. The only thing you really need is the resolve to do it and the right GUIDANCE. Make it happen with Richard’s Mach2 Vision Training.

The Results & Reviews Are Stunning

Customer Reviews

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Love Mach 2 nd the first training Zoom meeting.
Love it!
New Mach2 Vision Training
This is a great read
It’s great but I didn’t review it enough