5-Day Lanai, Hawaii Retreats

Personal transformation in the most beautiful place on earth

Why Attend a 5-Day Retreat?

Get Crystal-Clear About Your Vision

Break Free of Self-Doubt & Negativity

Become a Leader Who Inspires

Gain Confidence & Peace of Mind

You have big dreams

Now Is Your Time to Be Transformed

What if you could tap into the most powerful part of your being … the part that effortlessly leads to success, loving relationships, and personal fulfillment? Would you be ready to do whatever it takes for a breakthrough?

I believe that every person (yes, YOU) has the power within to break free of self-limiting beliefs and live a life of freedom, fun, and authenticity.  

And what better place for a breakthrough than the tranquil, picturesque island of Lanai, Hawaii? You and nine other courageous souls are invited to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


This Retreat Will Set You Free

Lanai, Hawaii, is a quiet oasis with miles of unspoiled valleys and golden beaches … the perfect place to rejuvenate your spirit and transform your life and leadership in a profound way.

This is not a “how to” but rather a “who you are being” deep-dive transformational retreat. When you leave, you’ll be able to begin manifesting new results in every area of your life.

Egos left at the door, please! Our small, intimate group of ten will grow together, show vulnerability with one another, and forge lifelong friendships.

This is not a vacation

Do You Have What It Takes?

This retreat is for leaders who are looking to make positive changes in their personal and professional lives. You must be honest, willing to share with the group, and committed to your own personal development.

You’ll fit right in if you’re:

  • Looking for your biggest breakthrough yet
  • Looking to up your game this year and beyond
  • Looking to work through old patterns you aren't even aware of
  • Looking for intense in-person coaching
  • Looking to lead others with integrity
  • Looking to create a community of collaboration vs. competition

Your Trip Includes:

  • 5 days and 4 nights of transformational coaching among an intimate, confidential group of 10
  • Private room at the exclusive Hotel Lanai
  • Island transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and retreat location
  • 3 meals per day … organic & delicious with options to accommodate all dietary needs
  • Final night dining at the exclusive NOBU restaurant

Lanai Retreat FAQ

Hotel Lanai, Lanai, Hawaii and the home of Richard and Kimmy Brooke

The cost is $7,900. Apply to attend and make a commitment to yourself for an incredible outcome. Sorry, no refunds. Approval will be needed to transfer your spot to someone else.

We have a recreational break every day from 4 to 6 pm where you can golf, swim, hike, hit the beach, paddleboard, snorkel, etc. We always suggest that participants stay over a couple of days to fully enjoy Lanai and take some time to privately process the week.

So much to look forward to!

✔ Fun & connection

✔ Enhanced leadership abilities

✔ Deeper understanding of yourself

What Retreat Alumni Are Saying

Taking Charge of My Power

"My sales volume tripled in the first 3 months post retreat! I have rank advanced twice since the retreat. I left peaceful, powerful, and full of anticipation for what was available to me. Don't hesitate, invest in you, invest in your future team, soak up every moment on that island. You deserve it."

– Leslie Burris
Gold, Young Living, Tampa, FL

Profound Results From This Retreat

"I recommended this retreat to my team and anyone who wants to be free, be present and be all they can be! The retreat was hugely impactful to the way that I relate to others interested in or participating in this beautiful vehicle of an industry."

Jenifer Furness

Triple Blue Diamond Executive, Yoli, Davenport, IA

Be Free, Be Present

"Definitely, no matter where you are or what level in your company, you NEED to come. As I opened myself up, I realized Richard has a way of bringing out issues in you that might be stopping your leadership or stopping you from going to that next level that you didn’t even know existed inside of you."

– Amber Voight
Black Level 1 Status Presenter, Younique, Author and Speaker, Elk River, MN

I Have So Much Gratitude

"My business has grown, I have grown, and I am surrounded by some of the most caring and loving people I know. I have so much gratitude for them and what they have created for all of us. You can't afford to not go!"

– Stephanie Moram
Diamond, Young Living, CEO - Good Girl Gone Green, Sainte-Therese, QC, Canada

Don't Miss This Opportunity

"Trust me, you will not regret it! When you get the chance to be mentored by people like Richard and Kimmy don’t miss this opportunity! The retreat was life-changing for me. I’m still seeing the results and things coming to fruition from it! All I can say is GO!!!"

– Kimber King
Millionaire Mompreneur, Isagenix, Built a 6 figure business, Layton, UT

Meet Your Hosts: Richard and Kimmy Brooke

Richard Bliss Brooke has been a full-time student of Network Marketing, practitioner, builder, company owner, and coach since 1977. He built his own team of 30,000 by the time he was 28 and owned his own company for 33 years.

Kimmy Brooke is an entrepreneur, coach, author, popular speaker, and mentor. She has earned a reputation for her heartfelt leadership style and skill in building a "team culture" to inspire purpose and passion in others.

Their mission is to lead others to discover these truths in themselves and play full out in life. We invite you to join us on our journey by finding your own passionate path. We invite you to join Richard and Kimmy and find your own passionate path.