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What Can I Expect from Having Richard in My Boardroom?

Richard’s 10 years of building a sales force of tens of thousands and 30+ years of running his own global company have given him keen insights to see what you may not see. You could probably do the same for his businesses if you looked deep inside without the bias of being “in the soup.”

He asks questions you know need to be asked. If you allow it, he'll rock the boat, tossing out deadweight practices, policies, products, and programs. He's a gift of creative ideas for reducing overhead, complications, conflicts, and establishing priorities for trackable growth programs. 


And What About YOU Personally?

As the CEO, every piece of you ripples throughout your organization, relationships, health, wealth, attitude, integrity, confidence, peace of mind, and joy. 

Richard’s personal coaching specialty is ontological in nature. Meaning he'll work with you to shift your “state of being.” A frustrated CEO does not make good decisions, nor does an unhappy one. 

You can have Richard be your secret weapon, an ally with which to review ideas, big decisions, trends, and metrics, including your own fears and frustrations.

How do you confidentially learn more?

What Executives Are Saying ...

"I have found Richard to have that rare attribute of being forthright with both leaders and company executives about what is needed to grow business in an ethically responsible way. He understands both sides of the equation and can communicate clearly, and in the language, of both the company and distributors."

Roger Barnett

Owner of Shaklee, Pleasanton, CA

"Proven results; smartest decision in 35-year direct selling career. Richards no BS, straight down the line approach is exactly what I needed. He genuinely cares for your whole life and the impact your business has on that."

Celine Egan

President of Juice Plus Australia & New Zealand, Merewether, NSW

"Richard has the innate ability to see through the clutter and noise asking the questions and unveiling the unique qualities of the business. His executive coaching has made a profound and last impact on all of us."

Landen Fredricks

Chief Global Sales Officer & President of Mannatech North America, Flower Mound, TX

"Richard Brooke is able to see the total picture, drawing from diverse experience spanning decades in our profession. In this business, a moment’s insight from an experienced consultant can save a company countless hours of misery and untold sums of money."

Kevin Thompson

#1 Corporate MLM Lawyer at Thompson Burton PLLC, Franklin, TN

"Richard's unique combination of epic field success, long term company ownership, DSA leadership and a coach to CEO’s and top sales leaders make his coaching priceless. The investment paid far greater dividends than a generic canned keynote from one of the top names."

Kody Bateman

Founder and CVO of, Salt Lake City, UT

"Richard's personal story of reinvention is the most apt and powerful of any business leader. If you are going to explore network marketing, best to choose the right guide and nobody is better than Richard. "

Vaughn Feather

Former Owner of The Cambridge Diet & Prime One, Los Angeles, CA

Get Started with Richard Brooke's Corporate Coaching

Getting guidance from Richard's as easy as 1 ... 2 ... 3!

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This is how we get to know you and what your business needs are.

2. Create A Plan Together

You’ll work with Richard to create a detailed plan to improve your business.

3. Implement Change

Apply what you’ve learned from Richard to take your business to the next level.


Don’t wait any longer to take your business to the next level. With Richard Brooke’s business coaching services, you can start making your business dreams a reality.

Get Corporate Consulting with Richard Brooke

How much is unclear strategy costing you? How many potential customers can’t hear your offer? How many of your events are half empty because your team didnt have a clear plan? A lack of direction may already be costing you a great deal.