Can You Succeed in Network Marketing?

Yes. Do most people? NO. In fact, hardly anyone does, but almost anyone can. What is the secret? Authenticity, Trust, and Self-Motivation. And I can teach you how to be and do all three brilliantly.

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Coaching, connection, and breakthroughs, oh my! Whether you want to be part of a group receiving LIVE mentorship and performance coaching every week or if you prefer to go at your own pace on a guided journey of personal transformation and professional growth, I have the perfect course for you.

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… It’s Super MLM Man!

In 2013, I had a video series called Super MLM Man, where I’d don my cape and tights and hit the streets to find out what people know about the network marketing business model. What became clear was the public has NO IDEA what network marketing, MLM, or direct selling is. But they do know what Amway is, and they think they know what a pyramid scheme is. You’ll laugh, cringe, and realize… we’ve got some work to do!