Jesse McKinney CEO and Co-Founder of Red Aspen

Jesse McKinney CEO and Co-Founder of Red Aspen

Visionary Leader and Rising Star in Social Selling space.

Jesse McKinney is a force of nature and a rapidly rising star in the Social Selling space. Jesse was born into greatness and destiny in Direct Selling.  Her father, Spencer Reece, is perhaps the most prominent legal counsel in this 40 billion dollar profession, and her mother, recently retired, was the CEO of a Billion dollar healthcare company.   Mom was awarded as one of the “50 most recognized medical professionals” in the United States.

After a prestigious stint at the University of Denver’s business school, Jesse was awarded her Master’s in organizational leadership from Gonzaga University.  ( Go Zags!).   While raising her two young boys and building a family with her husband Trevor, she learned first-hand how billion-dollar Direct Selling companies were built where Culture is King as an executive with Scentsy…the bemouth success story based in her hometown of Boise. 

While dealing with a life-threatening pregnancy with her second son, Jesse caught the vision of what she needed to do with her life….a much bigger life that lay in front of her.  With her sister Genie Reece and best friend Amanda Moore, this triad of creativity and courage cooked up the idea for Red Aspen…an iconic tree representing community with its shared root structure.  They started with their mission…even before they knew what they were going to sell or how.   “ “ To Inspire Women to Stand Up, Stand Out and Stand Together by Uniting Passion with Purpose.”   To this day, they start every meeting, every event online and live with this declaration.  Every staff member and every Brand Ambassador knows it by heart.  It is the DNA of their business.

Such visionary leadership led the trio to launch into high-quality stick-on lashes and press-on nails and a social selling platform that focused on fun, creativity, and courage.   From the very first Brand Ambassador, Amanda Moore’s sister, to the tens of thousands that found their way to the company after her, Red Aspen women love the mission, love the products, and love what the income option can do for their families.

As CEO, Jesse has led the company to double-digit annual growth and industry-wide recognition. In 2019, she was named one of Idaho's Accomplished Under 40, and in 2021 she was named an Idaho CEO of Influence. Red Aspen was ranked number 6 in the country for the Direct Selling University’s 2022 Industry Awards. 

Jesse, Trevor, Spencer, and Jack live and work in Boise, Idaho




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