Foremost Legal Authority on Direct Selling Law

Foremost Legal Authority on Direct Selling Law

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Spencer Reese graduated from Colorado College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration in 1982 and the Washington University School of Law in 1986. He began his legal career practicing environmental law and commercial litigation in Boise, Idaho. In 1992, Spencer joined the legal department of the direct selling company Melaleuca in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Four years later, Spencer reentered private practice and has exclusively focused on representing direct-selling businesses worldwide. Over the past 30 years, Spencer and his partners have advised over 2,500 direct-selling businesses ranging from startup entrepreneurs to leading direct sellers worldwide.

Spencer is a member of the Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Missouri Bars. He is universally recognized as the foremost legal authority on direct selling law in the United States. He's the industry's most sought-after speaker on direct selling Legal topics, is an author of numerous direct selling law articles, and is a contributing author to Angela Moore's Industry-Acclaimed book, Building a Successful Network Marketing Business.

Spencer has also represented numerous direct sellers and regulatory actions brought by state attorneys generals and the Federal Trade Commission.

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