“A great coach isn’t about knowing more but rather asking more…questions we may not think to or be willing to ask ourselves.” - RB

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Coaching: Your Path to Creating the Life You Deserve

You’ve thought about it. You’ve talked about it. Now’s the time to DO IT … engage with a coach and experience lasting transformation in your life and business. 

As an ontological coach, I’ll work with you to pull out the junk, uncover your authentic self, and transform
your state of being
. The result? You’ll be on fire about the PROCESS of achievement, start attracting everything you need, and plow through the obstacles using that inherent gift in all of us: self-motivation.

I’ve been coaching people in the art of vision and self-motivation for over forty years. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re the CEO of a global company, I can help you get out of your own way and get breakout results. 

Corporate Culture & Strategy Coaching

I don’t believe in sugarcoating things. What I do believe is that all of us, even as leaders, can improve our way of BEING. We can take our businesses to new heights and do so honorably and with authenticity.  

To get you there, I’m going to ask the hard questions. I’m going to rock the boat. I’m going to throw out policies, programs and products preventing your organization from reaching the next level.

If you allow me, I’ll look deep inside your business and provide insights on how you can reduce overhead, complications and conflicts.

With my successful leadership coaching methods, I’ll guide you in establishing new priorities, improving internal and external relationships, and creating ethical, sustainable growth.

One-on-One Leadership & Breakthrough Coaching

Investing in one-on-one coaching means you’re ready to increase the abundance in your life 10x or more. Abundance in wealth, fun, fitness, peace, leadership … any or all areas where you desire big change. 

Using my transformational approach, I’ll help you see what you’re not currently seeing on your path to success and personal fulfillment.

I’ll guide you to identify and shake off the “stories” keeping you stuck, get you laser-focused on a new vision, and reset your state of being to produce your intended results.

Mini-Mastermind Team Coaching

Are you fed up with slow, gradual growth? Are you frustrated with the grueling grind of pursuing your goals? Are you ready to QUIT?

Mini-Mastermind changes everything! This small group coaching is for leaders who want to experience breakthroughs as they become interconnected
in ways not otherwise possible.

During this 90-day program, we’ll explore your thoughts, stories, beliefs, and fears to change whatever stands in your way. It won’t be easy, but the good things in life rarely are.

5-Day Lanai, Hawaii Retreats

What better place to find your bliss than on the tranquil, postcard-perfect island of Lanai, Hawaii? Nicknamed The Private Island, it’s 90,000 acres of pure paradise with white, sandy beaches, and not a stoplight in sight!

During these 5-day all-inclusive retreats, you and 9 other courageous souls will go on a transformational journey with intense vision coaching, group exercises, and personal introspection.

Serenity, adventure, fun, and friendships … this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is one you don’t want to miss!

What Coaching Clients Are Saying

Grow In An Ethically Responsible Way

"He is forthright with both leaders and company executives about what is needed to grow business in an ethically responsible way. He understands both sides of the equation for both the company and distributors."

– Roger Barnett
Owner of Shaklee, Pleasanton, CA

Profound and Lasting Impact

"He sees through the clutter and noise asking the questions and unveiling the unique qualities of the business. His executive coaching has made a profound and lasting impact on all of us."

– Landen Fredricks
Chief Global Sales Officer & President of Mannatech North America, Flower Mound, TX

Profound Insight

"He is able to see the total picture, drawing from diverse experience spanning decades in our profession. In this business, a moment’s insight from an experienced consultant can save a company countless hours of misery and untold sums of money."

– Kevin Thompson

#1 Corporate MLM Lawyer at Thompson Burton PLLC, Franklin, TN

Power of Questions

"I received a multi-faceted training and will be incorporating not only specifics for my business, but also stepping into the "Richard" style of coaching when working with my team. You have demonstrated the power of asking questions and digging deeper. "

– Karla Berger
Young Living, Wadena, MN

Amazing Return

"His unique combination of epic field success, long term company ownership, DSA leadership and a coach to CEO’s and top sales leaders make his coaching priceless. The investment paid far greater dividends than a generic canned keynote from one of the top names."

– Kody Bateman

Founder and CVO of SendOutCards.com, Salt Lake City, UT