The Consistency Chain Duo

The Consistency Chain Duo

Whether you’re part of the 80% or 20%, learn how EVERYONE (yes, you!) can use the power of consistency to create incredible results in their lives.
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Jim Packard is the rare 20% who's excelled his entire life through consistent action, from being the top producing paper boy as a kid, “Distributor of the Year” for two Network Marketing companies, and married for over four decades.

And then there’s George Campbell – the type of person who would drive Jim crazy. Even though he was a successful Hall of Fame professional speaker, he was the classic 80% underachiever: lots of natural ability undermined by procrastination and a lack of consistency. Don’t miss their story of how they formed The Consistency Chain and how they’re empowering thousands of teams to unleash this force in their businesses.

Jim and George are the authors of these much-loved books:

  • “The Consistency Chain for Network Marketing”
  • “Consistency Is the New Currency: Forget ‘Crypto,’ The Fortune Is in Consistency”
  • “The Consistency Chain: The Missing Link in Network Marketing Success”

They are also known for being incredible speakers and influencers. George has 10 years of award-winning standup comedy and is in the NSA “Speakers Hall of Fame.” Jim was Jaycees Man of the Year for both his city and state. They believe that consistency is the key to success and something everyone – yes, you! – can learn.


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