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10 Advantages of Network Marketing

There is a strategy that anyone can employ to build wealth, regardless of age, experience, education, income level, or social status: Asset Income from Network Marketing. A Network Marketing Income Offers These 10 Advantages ...
  1. You can build it part time, anytime. You choose when and how. Building it “sometimes” does not work. But if you dedicate even just one hour a day … a specific hour set aside to build your team, you can make it work.
  2. You can build it from anywhere: any city, any virtual office, any phone, tablet, or laptop.
  3. You can launch it for $500 to $1,000. You may choose to spend more on education, tools, travel, etc., but you do not have to. It is possible to launch yourself right into profit by just getting some initial products and a sales kit.
  4. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself, meaning your host company will do all the heavy investing and lifting: product development, legal groundwork, customer service, data processing, banking, sales training, marketing, branding, and even social media.
  5. Your business partners—those above you in the network in terms of seniority and lineage—have a vested interest in your success. Somewhere in your team, someone is making it work, and they want more than anything to teach and motivate you to make it work.
  6. The tax code in most countries favors those who own a business … any business, large or small. There are advantages waiting for you when you own a Network Marketing business. Talk to your accounting professional about what they are.
  7. You can learn it while you earn it. You can create cash flow your first month. Although not everyone creates cash flow right away, and you may not even choose to strategically, it is possible. If you need immediate income, talk to your enroller and coaches about how you can maximize your income and minimize your expenses right away.
  8. You can create the wealth-building trifecta. Earn the extra income you do not have now to invest in real estate and stocks. Most people do not have the extra income to invest in traditional wealth-building options. This can give you that option.
  9. Your income can keep pace with inflation because the product sales on which you get paid will rise in price over time, just like everything else. Termite-proof your income!
  10. With time and success, your income can be produced for you by hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people, each pursuing their own success. This creates an Asset Income, meaning it could go on forever regardless of whether you are driving it or not. A pure Asset Income creates an asset or net worth.
Did I miss any? Comment below and let me know your thoughtson these (or any additional advantages you can think of).
Over and Out, -Richard
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