3 tips to change your MLM business

3 Tips to Change Your Trajectory

Are you just ambling along, part of the 98% not believing they can really make it in this profession? What if it success were as simple as 3 key steps? (Spoiler alert: it is!)

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A trajectory is a path in life a person chooses. Sometimes we haven't made the best choices and it's time to change our direction. Today I'm going to discuss 3 things you can start doing right now to change the trajectory of your life. These are just a few things for you to think about, especially if you're just bumping along ... maybe you're in and out, maybe you're not skyrocketing yet. Maybe you're part of the 98% that don't think they can make it in our industry.

These 3 things may not be something new to you, I'm sure you've heard them before. There's a good chance that you've thought about doing some of these things and you had great intentions, but it ended there. You didn't take action, right? What was missing? Well, I'll give you a hint ... every phone, email program, and billing company offers them - REMINDERS! Reminders are there to help us check back in, to keep us in the game, to reinforce our commitments. Without them, we set things in motion and forget about them.

Today I'm here to remind you of a few key tips you'll need to change the cycle of defeat ... no matter what you're endeavoring to do. So let's start with the first tip.

Tip #1: SDA (Single Daily Action)

Think about something that you're endeavoring to do in 2019 and beyond. Anything. This could be for your business, family, or health. Now take that great, big project and break it all the way down into something that you'll do every day. What is the one thing that you would need to do every day that will add up over time and pretty much guarantee that you will hit your big giant goal?

Now, why is this so important? Well, it's just pure psychology. It's pure self-esteem, and confidence. It's setting yourself up for success. It all has to do with Vision and motivation. The important step is to create a Vision that inspires you, moves you, but also creates a conversation that dances with that Vision, where you can say to yourself, "I can do that!"

Have you ever said to yourself, "Oh my gosh, if I ever get to do that it would be amazing, but ..." If you create this big story, and there's a but that follows it, you're just sabotaging yourself. Whatever comes after the but is what is heard and believed. For example, if I were to say "I really love you but you drive me crazy," which part of that sentence do you hear? See how that works?

One of the nuances of Vision and self-motivation is that the bigger the Vision, the more it triggers your old Vision, which results in that negative self-talk. If I wanted to become the President of the United States one day, you can bet I'd be thinking ... "Well, who are you to take something like that on? You can't do that. You'll never do that. If you do that, people will make fun of you. What if you fail? What if you humiliate yourself? What if you're embarrassed?" This is why it's important to not look at the huge goal, just start with the baby steps.

So whatever it is that you're endeavoring to do, boil it all the way down to a baby step.Something that you can do every day. The magic is in that little goal, that little Vision that doesn't trigger negative self-talk.

Why is that magical? Because that's the way you accomplish anything, with your single daily action. In terms of a business plan, maybe you want to rank advance or double your volume. You've got to do something every day to make that happen, right? Maybe you're going for fitness, so you're going to the gym for an hour three times a week with a personal trainer. No matter what big goal you have, you've got to boil it down into bite-sized pieces, and the easiest piece to manage is the single daily action.

Whatever it is that you're endeavoring to do, figure out how you can break it down into daily steps. Something that you could repeat every day, and do every day. The magic of this repetition is that you get the encouragement from doing it, because baby steps give you the confidence that you can do it without triggering that negative self-talk. You get to establish a new dominant Vision that inspires you.

Tip #2: Sacred Time (Monster Tip)

Let's say your single daily action is to invite one person a day. That's a pretty standard business plan that I work with tons of people on. It works for most rank advancement goals beautifully, it's not overwhelming, and simple to do if you stay motivated.

Here's the way most people approach inviting one person a day ... they say to themselves, "Okay, I'm going to invite one person tomorrow." What they don't say about tomorrow is exactly when they're going to invite that one person. They just have it as tomorrow and unfortunately, tomorrow is a slippery slope. Most likely, you'll get up tomorrow and get hit by life.

What is life? Well, it starts with whatever the kids want first thing in the morning, then maybe your spouse needs something, and then you get to work and your boss wants some things done. Sound familiar? Somebody's sick, somebody can't find their cell phone, who knows, right? When the alarm goes off, life just invades the bedroom, and it never goes away the rest of the day. All of a sudden, it's 9:00 am and you haven't invited anybody. You start your day with the thought, "Oh, I'm going to do my invite today," but of course, then life gets in the way from 9:00 am to noon.

Then here's something that happens if you let it go past noon ... you get this conversation started in your head. This is part of your old, negative, sabotaging Vision that's trying to convince you that because it's afternoon, it's too late. Because it's afternoon, "Oh, I'm a little tired. Everybody else is a little tired. Everybody else is busy. Busy, busy, busy."So what happens? Half the afternoon slips away, you've procrastinated and haven't talked to anybody. Then the negative self-talk gets even greater. Now guilt kicks in. Now you start having this sick feeling in your stomach like, "Oh, I'm going to go a day and not do it."That's obviously not the kind of energy that you want to bring to an invite let alone a pre-invite.

The pre-invite is Visualizing the invite, Visualizing the conversation, getting your energy up, engaging with somebody. You don't want to bring the version of you that thinks, "Oh, gee, woe is me, I probably am not ..." That person should not go to the pre-invite party. You want to bring your A-game to the pre-invite party. So the longer you wait every day the more you set the stage against you, the slippier the slope is. You go into the evening and odds are stacked against you. Then of course, once you miss a day the odds are compounded against you. Why? Because now you wake up in the morning and you actually have momentum in not inviting. Does all this make sense?

How do you combat that? Very simply ... with sacred time. What is sacred time? Well, if you do something like meditate or yoga you probably have a sacred time set aside every day to do those things. We have sacred time set aside to eat, right? And we have sacred time set aside to go to the office if we have a job. What you want to do is create sacred time for your single daily action, and you want to compress your sacred time into the smallest period of time.

When you're packing for a trip, most of us wait until the last minute to pack but somehow we can get it done incredibly fast when we don't have much time left to do it. That's because when you compress the time allotted to get something done, the human spirit becomes way more productive. When we create a box called sense of urgency, we get way more done.

So how do you create this sacred time? Well, you just look at your days. Just step back, look at your calendar, and just ask yourself, "Where is 30 minutes, or 60 minutes, or even 15 minutes of my day when I have the best possible chance to check the box? When's the best possible chance for me to be the most productive?" Sorry, you can't pick midnight if you're doing invites because people aren't going to be awake in most time zones. So you'll need to think about things relevant to your single daily action , "What am I doing? Who am I engaging with? When's a good time for them?" Most importantly, when's a good time for you? And the earlier it is in the day, the less resistance that you'll have.

Let's say you pick 9:00 am every morning. As soon as the house clears out, that's your sacred time. Now take it one step further, what is your sacred amount of time? "How much time am I going to dedicate to doing my single daily action, or maybe I have three of them, or maybe I have four of them, but I have one that's always primary. When am I going to do it, and how long am I going to give myself to do it?" You execute on that. Make sure you block that off. Tell your family, tell your friends. Put your phone away, get rid of your distractions and get focused. Maybe hang a sign on the door, "Do not disturb, sacred hour, hour of power, no knocking, no calling, no texting." You just focus, and check the box, get the one thing done.

Notice how beautiful the rest of your day is if you know that you've already done your single daily action. Notice how dreaded your day is if you haven't done it. If you wait until the evening, then you're feeling defeated, instead of, "Oh my gosh, I got my invite out of the way. Here I go!"

Tip #3: Be Your Own Coach

Have a coaching conversation with yourself first thing every morning. You may meditate, you may pray, you may work out, so work out your Vision every morning. That would be Visualizing your Vision, right? Visualize your single daily action, but I want you to go one step further than the Visualization daily, and I want you to actually have a coaching conversation with yourself about your single daily action.

Now, what would that sound like? Well, it might sound like a conversation with your sponsor, or your upline, or top person. What if you had coffee or tea for 5 or 10 minutes with the most respected leader in your business, and the conversation was about your single daily action? What I want you to do is Visualize every morning that the most respected leader in your company comes over to your house to sit down with you over coffee or tea. Imagine what kinds of questions they might ask you about your single daily action.

Let's say your single daily action is inviting one person a day. If I say to you, "Hey, the way you're going to build an empire in Network Marketing over the next 18 month is you're going to invite one person a day." Notice how that sounds crazy, overwhelming, and, "How could I ever put that many days together in a string consistently, and what if something comes up, and what if I fail?" It's like suggesting to somebody that they walk across the United States of America. It's an overwhelming Vision, right? Which triggers that negative self-talk.

However, what if I say to somebody, "Hey, could you invite somebody tomorrow to look at your business and your products?" Remind them what an invite is, at least the way I teach it. An invite is when you ask somebody to take a look at the whole menu (business opportunity), and they say yes, no, or maybe. You get a response. An invite is not a reach-out. It's not a connection, where you just chatted it up with somebody. You actually asked them to take a look not just at the products but the whole thing and you got a response. That's an invite.

If I asked you, "Hey, could you invite somebody to look at your business tomorrow?" You maybe say, "Oh, I don't know. Maybe. Yeah, I probably could." Then as your coach, I would say, "Well, what if I gave you $500 cash, no taxes? Could you invite somebody tomorrow?"

Notice how people, including you, would probably go, "Well, yeah, sure." Okay, so then you actually can invite one person in a day. Okay, so that's Tuesday. So what if we're having coffee Wednesday morning, and I say, "Hey, can you invite somebody to look at your business today?" And you say, "Well, yeah, maybe." Well, now you have two invites in two days.

Tip number three is the idea of having that coaching conversation every morning to launch your day. And the coaching conversation goes something like this, "Hey, what have you promised to do today? What does your business plan say you must do today if you're eventually going to be successful? Are you going to do that thing today?" And if you get any hesitancy, then you coach through that. "Well, what's it going to feel like if you don't? What's it going to feel like if you do? What if Richard sent you $500 if you did? Then could you?" Whatever conversation you need to have with yourself and your virtual mentor, do it every morning.

What do I mean by a virtual mentor? Just invite the most respected top leader in your company in to have coffee or tea with you and imagine they're coaching you ... the virtual mentor. Do that every morning, and notice what that does. It brings presence, it brings motive, it brings can-do, and it brings accountability. It brings courage to the single daily action.

When you combine that with the sacred time, you get it done. Does that make sense? Hearing stuff is one thing. Reading stuff is one thing. Learning something is awesome. My intention is that you execute. Execution, in my experience, takes spaced repetition. I need to hear stuff over and over and over and over and over again. Then maybe I'll execute it, right? Thank you all for joining me.

The work is worth it,


P.S. Comment below: Tell me what you thought as you read this blog? What questions do you have for me?

P.S.S. Two of these tips are vital to my Seven Steps to Success, which is a training program some of you have probably heard. Check out this chart, print it and use it as your guide.




This is simple & doable & I’m going to start this tomorrow morning!!:)

This is simple & doable & I’m going to start this tomorrow morning!!:)



thank you for this. i shared these 3 tips to my team.

thank you for this. i shared these 3 tips to my team.

Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas

Thank you for the insight. When you make this a daily habit, I can see anything being possible in your network marketing business.

Thank you for the insight. When you make this a daily habit, I can see anything being possible in your network marketing business.

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