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Be Generous and Look for the Gold

Written for Networking Times® - Our Times

"What you give out, you will get back tenfold.”

This philosophy perfectly embodies what true abundance means.

It is about living in our own greatest potential and contributing in any way possible to help others do the same. When there’s a mindset of abundance, you give freely—without fear, limits, or concerns about having enough.

Throughout the years, we’ve discovered this common thread: those who are successful, both in Network Marketing and life itself, are the ones who are generous. The ones who do not tend to have a “lack” mentality.

The easiest way to differentiate the two is this: abundance thinkers are givers. They constantly look for opportunities to give of their time, money, or mentorship.

Scarcity thinkers are takers. They look to take at every opportunity and hoard what they have.

In a lack mentality, fear rules: there aren’t enough people to talk to; business will never be big enough.

This energy is not attractive.

In Network Marketing, you simply can’t build a team by being a taker, because it fosters competition instead of collaboration. You can only build a team by giving freely of yourself.

We were both fortunate to have parents who instilled in us an attitude of abundance, a desire to give to others even when we didn’t have much to give.

For many people, however, this mindset doesn’t come naturally because they were never taught to think this way. Early on they learned that “there’s only one Tonka truck, and if I don’t get to play with it, life is terrible.”

How can you foster abundance within your team?

Share examples of how it feels to work with people who suffers from a lack mentality.

Ask your team members to express what it feels like to fight over what they think is the only piece of pie on the table.

How does it feel if they get it and other people don’t? Or if they don’t get it and other people do?

This type of exercise can show the appeal in embracing a new mentality.

The best way to create abundant thinking within our teams is to lead by example and to engage continuously in giving. When people start giving, and they have that first realization of how wonderful it feels, they become a part of the solution.

Opportunities abound to practice this way of thinking.

A perfect example is when someone leaves your team. You can choose to see it as your loss, or you can look for the gold in the situation. When people move on, wish them well and choose to love them. Just because your company is not right for someone doesn’t mean you can’t continue to be in each other’s lives.

When you choose abundance, that’s what you will manifest.

Yours in Partnership,

Richard & Kimmy Brooke

P.S. Comment below:Tell me what you thought as you read this blog? What questions do you have for me?

2 Responses



May 02, 2022

There could not be a better way of thinking—and behaving—than this, Richard. Worth its weight in gold…and piece of mind. I love it….and I should put it on a flashcard for everyday use….and several people who need the message. Thank you!

Ann Dietz

Ann Dietz

May 01, 2022

This was a good comparison! I think of myself as an abundance thinker yet fear steps in! Fear of rejection!! I’m working on it !!

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