Brian Biro- America's Number One Breakthrough Speaker

Brian Biro- America's Number One Breakthrough Speaker

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He's one of the nation's foremost speakers and teachers of leadership, possibility thinking, thriving on change and team building. He's delivered more than 1800 presentations around the world in the past 30 years. His clients include such diverse organizations as Lockheed Martin, the US Army, the Naval Information Welfare Center, Price Waterhouse Cooper, the University of Notre Dame, U C L A, the Northern Carolina Association for the Advancement of Teaching Senators and representatives from 13 Western states, Deloitte,  Goodyear, the Virginia School superintendents, Kaiser Permanente, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, IHop, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Allstate Insurance, Good Samaritan Hospital, REMAX, Shaklee, the American Dental Association, and hundreds more. A major client offered the best introduction about Brian's impact when he said Brian Biro has the energy of a 10-year-old, the enthusiasm of a 20-year-old, and the wisdom of a 75-year-old, the former vice president of Major Transportation Corporation in the Pacific Northwest.

He helped lead a major turnaround that resulted in the company quadrupling in revenues, becoming solidly profitable, and being named the leader in the air freight industry for customer service and convenience by distribution magazine. Brian is the author of 15 books, including Bestseller Beyond Success, which reached number 16 on Amazon, 100 from over 2 million titles. Brian was rated number one among over 40 speakers at four consecutive magazine international business conferences. He graduated with honors from Stanford and served as the president of the U C L A Graduate School of Management Student Association while earning his M B A from U C L A. He's appeared on Good Morning America and CNN. He has been a guest on more than 300 radio programs, as well as dozens of podcasts throughout the country. He's been a featured speaker at the Disney Institute in Orlando. Brian was named one of U C L A Graduate School of Management's 100 most inspirational graduates in the 75-year history of the school. Most recently, Brian was also honored as one of the top 10 interactive speakers in North America and one of the top 60 motivational speakers in the world.


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