Les Brown – World's Top Motivational Speaker

Les Brown – World's Top Motivational Speaker

Distract, dispute, and inspire through your words. Words affect attitude and self perception. Learn to create a disruption in how others see themselves, and how you see yourself as well to authentically improve lives.

As one of the world’s most beloved motivational speakers, Les Brown is known for his unique charisma, warmth and humor, captivating audiences of up to 80,000 across the globe.

If he had believed the labels he was given in grade school – “the dumb twin” and “intellectually disabled,” his life would look much different today. Fortunately, Les tapped into the powers of determination, persistence and belief to unleash a course of amazing achievements in his life, including Chicago-area Emmy® award winner, TV host and multi-term state representative in Ohio.

As a leading authority on achievement, Les loves energizing people to meet the challenges of the world and reach for their dreams like he did. He’s received the National Speakers Association coveted Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE) and a prestigious Golden Gavel Award from Toastmasters International.

Les is the author of several motivational books, including “You’ve Got to Be Hungry,” “Live Your Dreams,” and “It’s Not Over Until You Win.” His audio series “Choosing Your Future” is his all-time bestseller, acclaimed for its worldwide impact in helping people express their highest vision of themselves. Watch this interview with Richard Brooke and let Les inspire YOU to shoot for the moon.

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