Michael Bernoff - Average Sucks

Michael Bernoff - Average Sucks

Explore the power of influence & subliminal triggers as Michael Bernoff, creator of Human Interaction Technology, reveals how to leave "average" behind. 
This month's Global Influencer interview with Michael Bernoff is a must-see! As the founder of the Human Communications Institute, Michael has helped thousands of people transform their lives through his signature events, audio and video programs, and one-on-one consulting. Combining his natural talent as a communicator and deep understanding of human psychology he has the powerful ability to tap into virtually anyone’s motivation strategy. Michael Bernoff has unlocked the mysteries to building charisma, influence, persuasion, and connection with others. By creating and utilizing Human Interaction Technology™(HIT), an innovative teaching method, Michael sheds light on subliminal psychological triggers that affect performance and reveals powerful strategies for leaving “average life” behind. The result is greater financial wealth, physical health, and lasting confidence in all aspects of life—both personal and professional. Learn the true power of influence as Richard Brooke interviews Michael Bernoff.

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