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12 Reasons Why Network Marketing is the Most Extraordinary Income Opportunity on the Planet ... or Not.

You can earn while you learn.

Some of the biggest empires have been built from smallest most remote locations. You can live anywhere and "work for" a company 1,000 miles away. Some of the biggest empires have been built from the smallest most remote locations.


You can choose your own hours.

When and how many hours you work is your choice, and you can change those hours any time you want. Network Marketing is the original flex schedule opportunity.


You can launch your "self-employment" for a few hundred dollars … sometimes less.

No application to get approved. No interview to pass. No competition for the job. Anyone can play, anytime, and anywhere.


You're in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


There is always a team of people building the same business, selling the same product. You get the benefit of being supported by this team.


You get the tax advantages of having a "phone-based" business.

These can turn everyday items into deductions. The tax savings your first year alone could equal your income … in essence doubling your income.


You can partner with a national … even global company.

They have invested millions perhaps hundreds of millions in product development, software, branding, warehousing, distribution, and intellectual property. You get to use these assets to build your income without investing anything in them.
You get to build a team of salespeople.
And, recruiters that are building their own teams leverage your time and talents. You may be a "5" in terms of talent, contacts, and credibility with 6s,7s,8s,9s, and 10s on your team. They are all on your team … entrepreneurs that are better than you, more ambitious than you, and you earn on what they build. This the bottom-up booster rocket.


There are multimillionaires on your team to learn from.

You have on your team at least one, if not more, multimillionaires that have already built what you are endeavoring to build. They built it with the same company, the same compensation plan, the same marketplace, and the same products. They will teach you and coach you how to do what they have done … for free. They are your Millionaire Mentors … your top-down booster rocket.


A whole community of collaboration.

You get to enjoy relationships all over the world with like-minded and like-hearted people that will see you not as a competitor, but as a collaborator. People that will champion and celebrate your every success. Every Network Marketing opportunity is a village of anything is possible.


You get to access the "secret weapon."

Only Network Marketing offers exponential growth of your sales team. Everyone can build a team from day one … everyone. This introduces the concept of compounding to the growth of your team. Your team can grow into the hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands on which you earn a little bit on each of their sales.


Your income is spread out over a thousand sources, rendering each one of them … including you, inconsequential.

This spreading out of your income makes your income residual (providing you have chosen a rock-solid proven product line). Residual income is worth 200 times the monthly cash flow as a wealth asset.


An unexpected benefit is the character and leadership development you will enjoy.

The personal growth and confidence that comes with learning how to manage your motivation, confidence, communication, and team leadership is profound. Most people say what they learned about themselves and other people was the priceless unexpected benefit of their Network Marketing career.


And the 10 reasons why Network Marketing ISN'T the best


Anyone can enroll.

No qualifications required, 50% of the participants graduated at the bottom of their class.
It costs virtually nothing to start.
So it costs nothing to quit.


You can work whenever you want.

Which is a recipe for failure to most people.
You have to sell, promote, market, and lead people to succeed.
Not really a 95%er gig.


You have to thrive on rejection.

Most people do not want to buy your product or join your team.


It is a delayed gratification opportunity.

You get paid very little in the beginning when you do the most work and a great deal later on when you do the least work. You have to believe the work in the long term is worth the sacrifice of building the business. Most people do not believe that.


People are fickle.

People may join your team and quit your team just as fast … with no explanation. You may have to start over many times.


There are at least 1,000 Network Marketing companies based in the US at any time.

They all advertise that they are the best. None are. They all advertise that you can become successful with them. What they don’t tell you is that 99% of them will be out of business before leaving you with an empty bag. There are only about 20 companies that have actually proven if you build it they will pay you "forever." You have to find out for yourselves which ones they are.


You have to overcome the inertia of team building.

You will need 400 - 500 people on your total team until what you do no longer matters. Until you reach this team size you cannot stop recruiting, promoting, coaching, training, and marketing. It is like taking off in an airplane—until you clear the runway and reach cruising altitude, you cannot let off the gas.


99% of people that join do not earn an income.

And the reason? 50% of them don't even know there is an income opportunity. They are just customers. They enrolled just to buy the product at the best price and no one bothered to tell them in any kind of powerful way what an extraordinary opportunity there was. The other 49% do not believe the work is worth it, so they do not do the work. They are also just customers.


Henry Ford said, "whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.”

I say, "it is not a question of whether Network Marketing works or not. It is a question of whether we do."
Most of us don’t. Which means when some of us do, it is quite a remarkable thing.

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1 Response

Jay McHugh

Jay McHugh

October 22, 2021

Spot on as usual …. love your insight and directness…….

I agree 100% on all your points…..

thanks for sharing ….

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