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Jumping Ship … What You Really Leave Behind

My good friend and mentor Tom Schreiter is famous for coaching this: “Every company has problems. Pick the one you want to have your problems with and marry them for life.” A few years ago we recruited a couple into our business. They were supposed Network Marketing superstars, although they had not built in any company in over three years and had no Asset Income from any company in which they had built. Several of those earlier builds resulted in over 200,000 Distributors in their group. They obviously knew how to build … just not in the right company. So, finally they decided to build in ours. We agreed on a strategy … No going after existing Network Marketing Field Leaders actively building in a Network Marketing company. And, that I would participate in the conversations with the first wave of people they would prospect. They knew tons of disenfranchised Distributors. Great people who just needed a home. 51 people flew into the corporate headquarters over a three-month period: 51 experienced Networkers. 51 Leaders. 51 sets of dreams. All these people, even after multiple companies and an average of 15 years in the business, still had not found a home. I met with all 51 of them. 50 enrolled.The one who didn’t was because I didn’t want him to (so I let him know this in some not-so-subtle ways). My part of the “pitch” was simple. I asked them to tell me their stories … from day one. What company did you first join, where, when, why and with whom? What was it about that company that attracted you and how did you do in building? Each story took 30-45 minutes depending on how “fascinated” I was. As people talked about starting with company A, then moving on to B, then C, then D, etc., I would take notes. When they were done, I would write each company down in chronological order on the white board in my office. In almost every case, the first company they joined was still in business and had far more success and credibility now than when they joined and quit. And then I would ask them the following questions:Where do you feel you would be in your life right now, this year, this month, and this day had you just figured out how to stick it outwith your first company? What would be your net worth compared to now? What would be your income? How would yourhealth compare? How about your relationship with your spouse? Your friends? The rest of your family? How about your self-esteem and your credibility? How about the recreation, fun, travel and adventures that you might have been able to have the time and money for … how would those compare? How about your peace of mind and heart? In EVERY case the person took on this subtle but powerful look of horror … of sickness in the realization of a couple of things: 1. In almost every case the first company they joined was still in business and had far more success and credibility now than when they joined and quit. 2. They left as a reaction to both a letdown in their current company and an empty, hyped-up promise in a new or “shinier” company. 3. They had wasted the better part of their Network Marketing life, which in most cases spanned decades … or their best years. Most people choose their company based on who and what excites them in the moment … the promises they believe in the moment. Most people make mistake after mistake until their belief in the Network Marketing wealth-building concept is burned out of them and their credibility with their network is trashed. Whether it is after their first company or their tenth, they end up a statistic … roadkill in the stampede for easy riches. Picking the right company in which to build your Network Marketing Asset Income Empire is the most important decision you can make. In my next blog post, we’ll deep dive into the 3 questions to consider in choosing your parter for life. Stay tuned. - Richard - P.S. Comment below:Tell me what you thought as you read this blog? What questions do you have for me?

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Richard Ludvik

Richard Ludvik

November 15, 2021

I am thinking about whether to leave my first MLM company or not (At the end of my first year. No sales, no distributors yet.) It’s hard to know who to trust for good guidance in this profession. There is a lot of hype. I am looking for stable, workable information about this profession. I was also a bit ashamed when I read your post. On the other hand I consider myself a successful professional in my normal job. (18 years of experince)

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